Siegebreaker causing reflect dmg via pets

Witch Doctor
Is this a bug or intended?

"Damage dealt by pets to monster with Reflects Damage affix will no longer be reflected back to the player"

My guess is SB is not considered a "monster" nor a mob with the reflect damage "affix"...

Siege breaker is a special case. You don't see the new reflect damage changes applied to SB either -- the fact that's a spell with a duration and a cooldown instead of always being active and the new visual effect to indicate when it is active.
Figured as much. Almost puts a road block in my flow through act 3! Just have to be more strategic with him... or avoid him all together...
Lame! Did they not think that having pets reflect Sb's damage would be just as problematic as Elites with reflect affix!? Imagine trying to resurrect a dead party member and having to unsummon all your pets... 1 by 1... waiting for fetishes to die... and then resurrecting em.

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