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i dont know man ive gotten some pretty good ones so far. you just
I disagree. It cost me less than a million to craft this bad boy(amulet)
I have rolled 54 doodoo ammy's already, but i rolled pretty nice bracers on the second try. It's all luck man.
I just rolled 19 of them and while none of them were a dps upgrade, many of them got some pretty amazing rolls. I have no doubt It will be much easier to craft a godly amulet than finding one. Almost all of them had very high rolls, just none had quite the right affixes for them to be useful to me.

Was rolling vitality ammy's btw.
I rolled a almost a great upgrade on the 14th try, just couldn't live with the loss of 400 LOH. Great dex ammy for my monk, though.

Mats are pretty easy to come by since emeralds are now dropping for my DH since the patch. Only seemed like I got them from chests before. Weird.
It looks to me as this thread is created (maybe right, maybe wrong) to try to deter people from crafting , probably someone who is upset because they can't sell their billion + dollar in gold amulet.

I would much rather take the gamble with my gold and create something great down the line than spend all I got one lump sum for one piece of gear which I could probably do without in the first place.

As I have said before in other threads, great items are ridiculously high priced and until these ridiculously high prices drop I will be doing more crafting.

I bet anyone can come out with a very nice piece and spend way less getting it by crafting than buying one. It may take longer to acquire it but in the end you will be glad that you took the time to get it because the payoff will be great. And you will be prouder too because you created it yourselves.

Think about it , how long has the patch been out and look at the good stuff people are getting from crafting in such a short time. A little patience can go a long ways guys. Don't give greedy people ridiculous amounts of gold when you will most likely spend way less and come out with something good. We can do a lot of crafting with the billion + gold it takes to buy something great.

Eventually most of us will get good drops too,take a look at the amulet on my DH that dropped for me not long ago. Granted it didn't roll with Dex or Vit but the rest of the stat's I rolled are almost godly. I have seen some crafted ammy's already that have all the stats that mine has with the Dex & Vit too We will get some of our upgrades by good drop rolls as well. Patience, Patience , Patience people !
Sir, 1st off you have a very nice Tals ammy. You shouldnt be wasting your time trying to upgrade that with a crafted ammy. Go on the AH and try to find a rare ammy that will out dps your Tals, IMO it wont happnen. Maybe the TOP TOP ammys will, but anything under a Bill wont.
IDK i could be totally wrong here, but like i said... its hard to out dps a Tals with a Rare ammy.

Using crafted ammys for a barb, monk or DH would be a smart idea. Not a Wiz or WD who uses a Tals...

GL man
Ugh, I waited until i had 100 demonic essences and crafted 100 amulets....

None were a dps upgrade.

None were a EHP upgrade.

Some gave more HP but at lose of significant amount of protection and dps.

I'm actually pretty upset right now.
Chillaxin, feel sorry for u.
acceptable brah
I crafted a pretty badass amulet and saved a fortune versus buying that same-stat amulet.

You should keep crafting until that happens. It will.
Ya im pretty pleased so far 150 amulets in get one with:
229 int
85% cd
8 aps
6.5 crit

Not too bad.
i made like 70 before i gotten mine. Its not fantastic even thou its a trifecta. But well, its an upgrade at least.

Just keep trying its more of a tries and luck thingy. =\
Best one i crafted is the one im using now for my TR build. But after 70 nothing good. The only thing i hate is it takes a perfect gem. So being a Dex class, plvl68 DH and Plvl 40ish Monk i really need those emeralds. You said you crafted10? Lmao. Even if i have to craft 200+ it would still be worth it than to have to buy a 100m trifecta ammy without the 200+ main stat.
Finally hit the jackpot!
about 200 amulet crafts done.

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