CM/WW need advice for where to get EHP

Finally got some gold to spend (100 mil or so from selling an marquise emerald plan while prices were high).

In many ways working well: 2.74aps, 51.5cc, and 890 LOH, 108K dps...

But at high MP, i'm dependent on energy armor and can't run SNS. The reason:

My EHP (according to d3up) is 226K (295K with dodge). AR is 540. Armor 4600. 36K HP. Trying to figure out the best way to boost this, without making big sacrifices elsewhere.

Thought of the following:
- Adding AR to Tal's chest will mean sacrificing armor and will be pricey.
- Adding AR to nat's ring will require me to make some sort of compromise (was eventually hoping to get one with CD or CC)
- A BT cross, but already getting lots of vit from my ammy and don't know if I can stand to lose that much of it. Even with set bonus, i still break even. But this will give me awesome LOH.
- Get more vit and AR on my BT pants. Will have to sacrifice some int.
- AR witching hour

Any advice?
Nats ring and WH are the cheapest AR upgrades now for you.

Can lose armor for AR on TR chest too
u need life, chance crit and magic weapon blood magic
You should be thinking 700 All Res and 5000 Armor right now. Eventually 800 All Res and a bit more armor, but 5k is pretty good. I'd look into 4 things, no particular order, most of which you suggested:

1) Blackthorne's JM....sac the int and str. Get ones with at least ~600 armor, ~40 All res. With the LoH nerf you can probably buy one with any LoH, though I'd still suggest one with 400+ if its available. There are a couple on the AH right now in the ~25M range that fir the bill. Of course, more armor/All res is better....and its cheaper to do it here than on Tal's chest. Alot cheaper.

2) Nat's ring...I'd shed a little INT here. Go for 70+ INT and 60+ All res. That'll run 15M+...depending on what the third affix is you want to add.

3) You chant force is a little weak. I know there are good deals on ones with well over 100 VIT (and +STR) that would fit the bill (since you'd be losting VIT on your Nat's ring). Mine was a bit of a steal at 20M, but is only 8 IAS...and you need 9. That drives the price into the 35-40M range.....but you could get one with a little less damage and stay in the 30M budget.

4) do have STR there, which is good. But 30-40 All res there would be better...and you should be able to do that for 20-something. Adding in Armor pushes it towards 40 (I'm actually looking at a similar upgrade right now).

nice VW. I need to keep some VIT there....but over 200 STR and INT (and near max armor!) is very nice.

You actually have a remarkably similar setup to me...and should be fine once you add a little more armor and all res.

(and Wilbobo is smoking something. not sure what...but its some good stuff, I'm sure)
Thanks! I love that ppl in this forum take the time to give such detailed advice.

So far:
- I have a BT pant on my DH that I switched in - double vit roll and armor - cost 0
- I bought a WH with int, armor and low AR - cost 15 mil (if i went for 50+ AR and no armor, same effect on EHP but cost twice as much)

Next: Will try to get a better chant force, and AR on nat's maybe

btw: thx for compliment of VW, got them for 3.7 mil not too long ago

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