1.0.7 SW Cyclone changes

The wording used in the patch notes is unclear so I'm gonna ask:

Sweeping Wind
Base weapon damage increased from 15% to 20% per stack
Skill Rune – Blade Storm
Weapon damage increased from 20% to 26% per stack
Skill Rune – Cyclone
Weapon damage increased from 20% to 26% per stack

Shouldn't it be "cyclone damage increased from 20% to 26%" ?

The stack values should be the base 20%, right?
Lazy patch notes writer is lazy. Or just doesn't understand the class. Looks like it was just copypasted from each rune and altered in the numbers.
As a totally SW/Cyclone focused Character, I feel the difference between the 1.06 snapshot and the way things work now; I do less damage. On the plus side, the changes to damage affixes on the bad guys makes up for it, so I feel about the same overall.

I have the recipes for Archon Gloves (Dex) and Archon Shoulders (Dex). Those are the ones most likely to provide an upgrade. I am enjoying burning up my tomes in attempts.

It was expensive, but I managed a Marquis Emerald in one of my weapons. I will to try and upgrade the other in about a week.

1.07 - so far, so good for me.

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