Rate the monk above you, Part III

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The other thread has a couple posts left in it:


I rate the monk community build as a whole 7.5/10

Once spirit spenders are able to compete with one another you can add a point.

Once passives are revisited and tweaked a bit and 1 or 2 new ones added to match or equal the rest of the classes you can add another point.

Lastly once the monk class reaches enlightenment and more than 1 or 2 builds dominate the landscape, we as a class can reach the happiness we are all striving for and add that last 0.5 to reach 10/10.

Captain "The Happy Shenlong Using Monk" Carl-

EDIT: See below.... I <3 Fitz!

Aye Captain, always the man i look up to and always giving good advices to junior monkee

9.7/10 w the beautiful pair of shenlong and a unique build w/o inna set


a pretty cindercoat

9.5/10 Impressive dps build w a cool EF

# Both of u r at the 200k dps, so ready to rock n roll at 1.07. thumbs up
@Shakyspeare 9/10

Next step : Trifecta !
@SlyLeSchizo 7/10

A bit of sustainability and pretty nice gear. I too was a poison monk and it is so hard (and costly) to convert to a monk that isn't reliant on OWE. Only thing to suggest is a better 1 hander with life steal. Easier said than done though, when you need 1/2 bill + :P

P.S. Captain Carl, your monk is the bomb. I would love the opportunity to run with you sometime. Maybe you can give me some pointers and we can try different specs together.

Pants will be your next upgrade

9.8/10 there's really not much to say about your monk besides its pretty sick really no major upgrade needs just knit picking for marginal upgrades at your stage.

7/10 nice set overall, little low dps weapons but other then that it looks solid

oh wait .. make that 8/10 for use with a unusual spec.. :)

7/10 bcus i also like the BBWs, looks like u could use a nat ring

your one ring, it looks so weak, I would get CD/CC/IAS on it, or something close to it. Your gloves too, yes the armor is nice but trifecta wth the dex would be a lot better. You can ger more vit else where if you need to. Overall, not too bad! Keep it up!
8/10 :)
@ghost pretty cool monk 7/10

Excellent monk! You managed to break 200k dmg and not using OWE which isn't easy.

hey zen, thanks for the rate.. glad you can tell me what I should do next..


I would aim for a trifecta neck and maybe a ring instyead of unity? 8.5/10

Nice build 9/10 only because you have no life steal on those sweet DPS weapons. You would probably get more DPS if you change the hellfire ring (like to a nice unity).

On mine - I usually use FOT but was experimenting.

Good balance on items,9/10

Excellent start. 5%+ LS, decent health, decent CC, decent CHD.

Next step for you would be upgrading the DPS or the All Resist. If DPS, I would start with the weapons, if All Resist, I would go for the gloves, pants and chest.

I think the other people are overvaluing scores if based out of 10. So I'll give you a 6/10, mind you that I think I only really hit about a 7.5/10.

I have one question first - Do you play RoB? (If you aren't sure what that is, it involves a smartphone and card collecting, I thought it ironic that your character name is identical to a powerful card).

I have to say for a P28 Monk, I hope I'm sitting as nice as you are when I get there in a few levels . . . I like the AR direction you are already heading and am trying to head that direction as well. I wonder why you haven't gone away from OWE yet? (not enough AR?)

I have to say 9/10 base on your P-level and direction you are heading . . . I'd like to keep an eye on what you do gear-wise in the future, very interesting to my playstyle . . .
@Subbiepops cant see you profile but guess you r good giving ya 10 /10

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