Rate the monk above you, Part III

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Dual LS?
OWE Free?


Chuck D is OP!


Better than me, even with that low damage second weapon :( What am I doing wrong?!?!

Damn 10/10 I'm so jelly!

Looking for gearing advice still getting spanked on mp7.
@ SuperAznSJ

Your DPS is 10/10, but you resist is 2/10. 450 with OwE?! If you want to run low resist, at least gear with AR and free up the passive slot for something more useful. If you want to run the highest MP difficulties with little or no deaths, I'm afraid you'll have to change almost every single piece of gear and sacrifice some of that beautiful DPS for dual resist.

Oh, and you characters names - 1/10, and I'm being generous here.

Sexcellent all-rounder. 9.something/10 :)

Pretty well balanced monk. I think your MH ring could use some work (higher cirt and higher average damage). Your ammy needs to have some amount of CD as well.


Nicely done.


Your gear does not match your build, thus a 6/10
5/10, better you stack more resist not only arcane, IMO

Nice, well rounded stats and great dps.
Inspires me to search for a worthy 1hander.
However I am the tank among my friends list. =P


No LoH, LSS, or L/SS. Other than that, I appreciate a non-cookie cutter. 7/10
@Agarath, decent all round Monk. OK resistance, OK armor, a little low on the hit points and like most of us could do with a boost to your dps. 6/10


No LoH, LSS, or L/SS. Other than that, I appreciate a non-cookie cutter. 7/10

i'll take the 7 =). but I have LoH, aswell as I have crazy life regen.
@ spear chucker

very well-balanced monk. I think shooting to get your vit or res a bit higher would be good, as your DPS is wonderful (although more never hurts). But at your stage, I'd focus on maintaining your damage, while increasing your suvivability (the goal is to be godly after all). I'd say that we need to put a bit more CC on your ammy tho. BELIEVE ME, I understand how expensive those are with more CC, but since you are forgoing nat mini-set, its prolly worth it.

excellent monk though 8.5/10
@november1093 - holy smokes nice life regen. I guess it must be really hard to find nice upgrades with so much life regen. Just a thought - wouldn't a nat ring (which has base life regen) with nat boots (with life regen roll) work better for you?

I'll give you 8/10 for a creative build but you lost some marks for having a relatively low dps.
Great DPS, and nice res, good build form what i can tell and i am assuming you could run mp10. All in all id give a 9.5/10. Only because I think you could have a little more vit and still be fine on dps. @Artemiss toon looks good all around

5.5/10. low vit and rez but nice crit % and damage. Nice Skorn too.

Tr all day, or die.



I like your armor/damage/HP/lifesteal balance, nicely put together. I'm jelly of having that gear @ that many elite kills. Still remember when 30K damage was crazy OP.

you are a strong monk 9/10
@ Quickie
Minimally, you need a new nats ring, one with CC or CD. that 7& from the set you get, not getting CC or CD makes it not even worth it. I would then replace all your gear with the same but cap out the IAS. it will make a difference. Not too bad though! 7/10

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