Rate the monk above you, Part III

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@ sp3arshaker

very nice monk, still have to give you a 9/10 for crutching with OWE. Its impossible for you to get off of it at this point..It just limites you overall.. amazing dps for a shield though, more dps tham I have dual weilding. Good looking monk. I prefer dual LS weps, no OWE, and combo strike. Either way, your monk is very nice.
JWNZ, I'd love to get away from OWE but I'm relatively poor. My entire Monk cost about 275 million including gems. You've got some really nice stuff. I would guess your Mempo cost more than my Monk. Overall I'd give you 9/10 as well.


Tals chest w/ a shield? That's like a convertable minivan, a strange combo. I think you might try just going dual wield(faster APS than current setup) & EHP chest(as defensive as shield...IMO)

Save the SnB for HC! Nice monk though, please don't be offended
cant rate anyone cos everyone has been rated...so...9/10 to the monk forum :D
oh wait someone posted,

@azakiah : 9/10: no OWE is nice and you are nearly 300k dps. very nice monk...you wkl is near perfect! I cant see any room for improvement...except maybe buying a 1.2k ef 0.24+ atk spd/70%+ cd
Azakiah & Edzmond - great monks both of you.

Azakiah i rate 10/10 - Edzmond your scale is crazy if Az is only a 9
Edz - i rate you 9.5/10. great setup but i cant believe you haven't geared out of OWE yet. an extra passive at your gear level could boost your edps or ehp significantly.

I tried single LS for a while but RD plague pissed me off too much and I had to go back to dual LS
@edzmond: such wondrous DPS! I have much to learn from!

Need professional help here to see which areas can I boost my dps more. (Should I focus on going for a TR build or keep DWing)
@AhZhong i would begin by upgrading this belt fast, and pants...

Of courses there is other upgrade to come but i know it takes gold and alot of it lollll

Keep that up, i have been there and with the help of some nice monks in here and advice i have acheived something not perfect at all but really nice !

For sure first thing is whether you can change out your boots for nat's and getting a nat's ring to get that 7% crit.

Long term, you need a better mainhand with higher dps and maybe build res in your other item slots so you can swap your inna's helm for a mempo (:
What about me? Lol commented on a few.

What can I say...229K DPS 47K Life solid resists with OWE and end game gear. Anything I say will be nitpicking. I guess shoot to break 250K whilst increasing your eHP!



Standard TR build, solid gear, awesome crafted ammy. 150K DPS just increase life a bit more to move into higher MP TR farming.

@CaptainCarl #1923


definately 1 of the best shenlong user
Maybe a higher CC nats ring and lacunis, also, besides the extra LS form the OH, is it worth gettign a CD/LS/OS weapon over an EF with an OS?
Check out my Mp10 set.. With this specup I cannot die.
@CaptainCarl #1923

9/10, beautiful pair of Shenlong
Any opinion about my monk ? My goal is break 200k dps and have around 600k ehp.any suggestion for change item will good for me :D
Maybe a higher CC nats ring and lacunis, also, besides the extra LS form the OH, is it worth gettign a CD/LS/OS weapon over an EF with an OS?

yoz bro, yeap im getting a lacuni once i got some gold with me. regarding the OH, i hate EF so i nvr really think of that. if u look at my build u will see im not really going for max damage.


u got some hell of nice stuff there, ur boots and inna armours r juicy

Keep it up with the crit chance on your pieces (NATS ring has none) and stacking dex to reach 200k. I am at the same impass and instead of 200k dmg, I went for 500k EHP and you will clear faster because you wont have to kite. Keep it up, more RA and you will be most powerful

@TH Cheesey! Hey there! You got the same build as me :) So I must rate you a 10/10! LOL
But no, for real though, Just a suggestion - I just got a SOJ ring with 30% damage to elites (which is the highest) plus the crit hit chance for WOL, and I MELT away the elites. The damage is incredible. My crit hits are hitting at max 1,800,000... constant they are anywhere between 900k - 1,300,000. For some reason, people think that if they don't see the actually DAMAGE on the stats, then there isn't any.. HOWEVER, this is not true, the SOJ ring is the best investment because of the damage to the elites plus the crit hit to whatever your main skill is. The whole goal is to kill the elites isn't it!?
Just a suggestion due to experience with the ring :)
I would definitely give you a 9/10!
Yah nice build! I like the power of the 2H with LS, and I NEED to get that SOJ going... also amazing dmg with Bell's aka Wave of light... omg.
Nice crafted gears, such high dex on those pieces! Hope I have some money in the piggy bank for the SOJ.
9/10 for you sir...
The Circle is now Complete....

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