Rate the monk above you, Part III

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@cukacola, awesome monk! Love the won in your off hand! One if the better dw monks for sure. 11?

LOL..... i guess there is nothing to say about your monk... probably in top 5 monks i seen in the game

really good job and i'm curious.... how much can have costed you all of your gear ?

@ Thebrys

Looks pretty solid. Nice DPS considering you are using shenlongs. It's always nice to see Monks deviating from the norm!

7/10 - still lots of potential for upgrades. Good luck!


Not bad dps considering lack of sockets in the weapons. HP is a bit low imo. First thing I would do though is get some nice socketed weapons.
@ haern

7/10 i love your fist weapon, craft a new hellfire :P

not bad,, im guessing you are just using the hellfire ring for xp? if not def getta get a nats ring, could get a higher cd offhand

Yeah i have a nats, no crit on it though, so im working on that. Hellfire is my first and only lol, been too lazy to farm keys.

Really trying to get to 175k+ dps so i can hang with the big boys. So hard though once you hit a certain point.
o yeah i know its hard lol...why not switch to Witching Hour? that should add some decent dps
Yeah I've been thinking about that, just trying to get the CC nats first. And trying to save some gold for crafting. Soon as i get the recipes I need lol.
yeah lol im only crafting the ammy gloves and (as soon as i get it) the bracers...made around 60 ammys and 20 gloves all crap so far
I have TERRIBLE luck, so I'm expecting the same :p
oh yeah...thats why i dont buy un id anymore lol
Same, think I have made a profit on one MAYBE 2 unids out of about 20 that i bought
Drop the Inna's belt and get a witching hour. Trifecta gloves. One more thing, Nats boots and no Nats ring? Either go for the 2 pc bonus with a ring that has CD or CC, or get Ice Climbers. Theres no need to have just the one. Yes the hell fire ring is nice, but with the new xp buff, you dont need it right now, I'd rather see you get the nats ring
Got some work to do bud, 7/10

Decent monk nice dps

Not sure on how solid your survival rate is and ur build looks like it couls use some adjustment

@ Ghost
It looks like were around the same gear level....right at that point where upgrades are gonna be big bucks.
One question......why not include another primary attack to help out with Combination Strike? Maybe add Deadly Reach-Foresight to your rotation and see some bigger #'s?
Satisfactory TR set.

7/10 high health pool and resist is really good - some more dps would help though.

Not much to criticize. Nice build and you don't see that many monks that have steered away from Inna gear. Only piece to improve really would be the WH for one with AR. Nice monk though.


Nice TR built. with all the XP gear bonus still have a good DPS.
9.5/10 man for the TR build!!
@fe3doe 10/10 really nice build you got going. Grats on that ammy roll. Only change I would do is get a new vast expanse with 190+vit and bracers with 6 crit.

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