Rate the monk above you, Part III

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neadless to comment, a 11/10 for you

both your fists can be upgrade to something other than shenlong, and you haven't make us of the Nat bonus
I can see still a lot of room to improve 6/10

Need more stats! Your blackthorns is lacking dex along with your vile wards and gloves. Also it would really help if you switched your lifesteal or critdamage to your WKL and got a really high dps main hand with more CD/LS. You must be hitting for really low. GL!

Easy 10/10. Insane damage. I guess if you want to get nit picky you could potentially upgrade your amulet and bracers with the new craftables.
@Resonator 8/10

Try to upgrade your gems and have better physical resist on pants and boots

Gem upgrades imo
@bgonzo - looks pretty good. Nice DPS and sustain for pve. your res seem kind of low though... maybe try and get more?

i say 9/10
@ tarzan 9.5/10 why the ruby in your weapon?

Solid poison monk. 9.5/10
02/15/2013 06:55 AMPosted by SkankinLozer
@ tarzan 9.5/10 why the ruby in your weapon?

bigger damage for sword and board... if i dual wielded i would prefer dual emeralds.

this is my pvp setup though

@drakos - you need more res and hp i think.. your dps looks good though

@ tarzan 10/10 really good monk

Not bad you need minor upgrades like more dex on everything. I would say just get crit on your nats ring. Other than that i would just shift away from shenlongs and your dps should be 150k easy.
WTF.... no comment there.. top end monk right here ^
Okay guys please tear me apart.. i really need help

Craft some gloves for higher Dex and IAS and try and get CC or CD on your nats ring should bump you up another 10K+ and the much needed IAS for the slow Skorn.

Solid monk




Get a better Nats set and you should be in the 130K range. CC on ring and ~200 Dex on boots. Shoot for a bit more Vit and AR. Hopefully that ruby is treating you well!

Captain, never been a huge fan of dual wielding, but everybody seems to do it so what do I know. I will say that if you're going to do it, the shenlongs do look cool.

8.5/10 (plus another 0.5 for cool).

Not bad lacking lots of crit chance on ring/amulet. You also need more base stat of course. Maybe try a ruby in your main hand?
@ Night, I cannot really offer much advice at all, umm.. keep up the good work?
You clearly have a good start going here … and the fact that you’re a Cold monk just makes you that much better. I suspect you know the weak spots, Chest with 3 gems, perhaps Resist All + Cold, better gems in all slots. You should look at weapons with gem slots for the 100% CD …
After that it’s about gold. A ‘The Witching Hour’ Belt, Nat’s ring and boots for set bonus and a nice Ammy. I like that you’re using the new Arcon drop stuff. Hope luck finds you when you roll an Ammy.
Happy hunting.
@Dailach 8.5/10

Good looking monk but I noticed most of your gears lack +armor but I'm pretty sure you can sustain your self with that dps.
I researched that as well, the discription seems misleading. As i understand it, you get 8% per Spirit generator, so with just 1 Spirit generator in my build, I get only 8% (that does not show up on sheet DPS). I've played with a 2nd, but find it anoying to change every 3 seconds.

If i am wrong, someone please post ..

** Next poster - Rate Venveng, but change his WKL for something else ... because I am going to hire someone to hack his account and get me that beautiful item.

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