Rate the monk above you, Part III

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I researched that as well, the discription seems misleading. As i understand it, you get 8% per Spirit generator, so with just 1 Spirit generator in my build, I get only 8% (that does not show up on sheet DPS). I've played with a 2nd, but find it anoying to change every 3 seconds.

If i am wrong, someone please post ..

** Next poster - Rate Venveng, but change his WKL for something else ... because I am going to hire someone to hack his account and get me that beautiful item.

You will see the 8% on sheet I believe as soon as you start hitting something and after a few seconds of not hitting something it will go back to unbuffed DPS. If you have 2 spirit spenders you will see a 16% increase.


Pick up your CD and CC a bit more and you will see yourself hitting 150K DPS soon. Looks like your Health and AR with OWE is up to spec. Work on that Ammy, time to work the new crafting into your itinerary.




That's with follower. Sitting at just shy above 200K DPS. Trying to bling out my monk like you so that we can shine togetha!

Is that 209k unbuffed?! Very impressive if so with the Shenlongs set Mr.Carl! And no Inna's pieces I can't quite decide what's more impressive! I'd give you a 9.8/10 only because your resist could be a bit higher but hard to say anything negative about your monk!
Nice MrNastyTime.

your HP is BEAST.... i got to 55.6K hp if i farm uber but normaly i sit lower.

i also like your build. if mempo and witching hours wasen't that hight i would be a bit more like you....

meanwhile i got the lasy DPS build XD

That's a nice monk right there, the only thing missing for a higher DPS would be atk speed and CD. Cheers.


That's with follower. Sitting at just shy above 200K DPS. Trying to bling out my monk like you so that we can shine togetha!

Ah very nice Mr.Carl so still 200k unbuffed! I need 8k more to get there I'm really debating dropping my Litany for a rare which would get me there but idk how I feel about dropping the 7% damage reduction decisions decisions!
@sp4z, decent dps. Could do with a few more hps and you really need to bump up that resistance.


@!@#$%^-*!@er, very nice monk. I was going to say vit on your shoulders, but you have so much life already I don't know that it matters much. Maybe getting 6% cc bracers but it wont be easy/cheap to find that with the same defensive stats yours currently has.

As for my monk, I also have a WKL with roughly same DPS as my current offhand with +23% lightning and a socket, but it decreases survivability a lot losing the LoH & LS. I feel like I've reached a plateau -- any suggestions? Thank you!
8.5/10 a few minor upgrades I see you can still see for your build, otherwise very good.
damn good build. very nice weapons. only thing that i would say is to craft some better gloves with the new recipies. 9.5/10
@skankin, woh! I bet those those gems cost more than my Monk.

@fly, OK dps, decent hps, good armor for a dual wielder. Really need to work on those resistances though. 5.5/10


Sick SnB monk! The fist weapon is absolutely nasty and I love the shield as well! Good stuff! 8/10

Nice build, you have some very good gear in there.

I B M D loks pretty good for a 2 hander
what mp can you do

That's some nice DPS, would love to see that Echoing Fury with CD or a slot for a gem.

Good start, gotta pick up a witching hour with all res, def try and grab an echoing fury for one hand to boost aps/dps.

Got a lotta good named items, just need to find some better boosted versions ie) nats ring w/ cc

Looking good.
I think your next big step would be to add some Vit.
Best place I can see to do that is with a good OH weapon or on one of your Nat's pieces. Either way it will by no means be a cheap or easy upgrade.

@Jeff ahh you beat me to him!

You look to have all the right pieces, now just need to upgrade the rolls on each.
I think the easiest place to start would be on those Vile Wards. Could squeeze another 100 dex or so out of that slot.

Craft some gloves for higher Dex and IAS and try and get CC or CD on your nats ring should bump you up another 10K+ and the much needed IAS for the slow Skorn.

Solid monk


Done :) as requested. I crafted some gloves, took 4 tries to get this one. Insane attack speed... boosted my DPS 5k

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