Crafting Works. Thanks for the 14k upgrade Blizzard !!

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16k for me, see on profile. :)
i gained 24k, but my gear wasn't Uber obviously. From just shoulders, bracers, and gloves. I know they can get tons better, but i'm broke lol.
thx for craft bliz :)

This was my craft
02/12/2013 08:07 PMPosted by Bluddflagg
Imagine having control over what you craft,wouldn't that be a splendid option to have.

Yes, although it require increasing the cost of crafting tenfold or more over current levels :)
nothing to impress... unless it can be sold..... :P
You are all nuts - crafting does NOT work

a working system drives PARITY between farming and crafting. there is no parity here. crafting is by FAR the cheapest way to get nice loot

You have to farm in order to obtain the BoA mat required for Crafting.

It still consumes time.
I usually have the worst luck in video games when it comes to loot and I've just been casually crafting amulets and I sort of got lucky! (: I got a 16k upgrade from the one on my monk.
Wicked! Congrats!
Well after crafting like 30 ammys and 20 bracers I came accross the ones I wearing, not godly but did upgrade my char for like 25k adding both.

I think we finally got a way to upgrade our chars by playeing the game and I really like it.
Lol i spend 22 mil on crafting only and 0 luck yet on a new decent amu!.

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