Crafting Works. Thanks for the 14k upgrade Blizzard !!

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WHOA!!!! im jelly
Here's my trifecta

I like yours more =\

Then again yours is a quadfecta...

(edit wrong link lol)
Here's my trifecta

I like yours more =\

Then again yours is a quadfecta...

(edit wrong link lol)

Awesome upgrade for your char, dude, congratz!

I crafted like 10 so far, the 2nd was the best, it gave me like 15k dps with no HP/Protection loss. Very awesome.
Holy sheet, is crafting buffed or just dumb luck???
enjoying the new patch a big time. Thanks Blizzard!!!!
quite a shiny piece there.. jelly..
Made 37 shoulders after I got the dex plan, because that is how many essences I had. Not one of them was useable. I mean honestly I know not a huge sample size but one of them should have at least rolled vit and AR. However, I was lucky enough to receive str rolls on over half of them.

The solution to crafting is simple allow the user to pick half of the affixes so I could pick my most important three and the other three would be random. I spent about three million and 370 tomes with nothing to show for it. I will likely give crafting another shot, but that disappointment was enough to make me turn off the game for the night.
wanted to share my ammy i crafted as well, on my 24th attempt. i dont have a pic but i will give stats (not as good as OP but, a 11k dps increase,6.5 hp increase, and 500 LoH and i had none on my ammy before this.......this thing is just perfect for me (CM wiz)

106 str
112 dex
210 int
165 vit
567 life on hit
86 crit dmg
9.5 crit chance

i can only imagine how good this could have been if one of those main stats was average dmg...or attack speed. that being said, im happy with the great upgrade :D
i spent about 2m and got nothing but crap lol
I found the dex glove plan and thought I would give making a few a go ( as I like the monk ), .........

After the third one I realised that here I was PAYING GOLD to roll CRAP items!! What a foolish thing to do!!!

So I stopped. The only guarantee is higher dex but as I vendor gloves with high dex if they have no other desirable atts, I found myself vendoring those gloves.

Why pay to roll crap?? If I want crap I will play normally and get it from the game for FREE!!

Another failed crafting concept if you ask me. Huge gold sink but that's about it!

Oh well, soon Grim Dawn will be in alpha ^^
Can we buy the design somewhere or we got to farm for it? Sorry if it is a silly question...
So sad you have to sell your account now, bye.
that's one godly amulet.
how many tries

12th try.

My first 40 were all -10 to -25K damage. But then, my luck's always been !@#$ty. Good to know some things stay the same!
so... you spent about 1.5$ on this game gold wise of items... and you are sad they rolled bad, sorry hear that... and how could not ALL of them roll str? you pick the main stat...

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