Crafting Works. Thanks for the 14k upgrade Blizzard !!

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Huh. Although 14k seems kind of okay but still, this could be just random. This is more like black market but you need to craft it on your own.
Beast mode.

02/12/2013 10:04 PMPosted by ta11geese3

congrats op. wow some of you guys are crafting some gg amulets!

i've crafted exactly 40 strength amulets and the best one is the one I'm currently wearing. Got just over 2.8k dps increase but also lost 2.8k life lol

+17 max dmg
+204 str
+65 dex
+138 int
+10% life
+373 armor
97% crit damage

I need to keep trying I guess.
Mine isn't a trifect, but its good enough on the 4th try. Need to save up on them demonic essences.
Word! Your crafted gauntlets are damn good too!
When I see more posts like this ill get back into diablo. This is deffinately a good direction. Now that the AH was a bust lets move on to personal gearing :D
I also got a good trifecta roll on my amulet on barb!!!!
Excellent.....prefer to spend my gold on crafting for an item like that than pay 1 billion gold on AH.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Can't wait to try the others!

EDIT: Had reports link doesn't work, tried again

the problem with the amulet as godly as it might be, it ads NO defence. Its an pure DPS item. Good when you have the room. But if your current amulet has around 70 Al restiance then its a really hard choice here.

Still, nice crafting luck here. No doubt.
lol,good but account bouned
No AS, but it was only my 3rd one, was a decent dps bump also. On EU.
I hate you.
Damn did you smoke one after that, congrats wow I'm impressed. There goes the amulet market
Everywhere around the world, children are quietly weeping over this thing. Congrats!
The ammy I'm wearing now wasn't so bad from the craft. Wish it had some AR, but the GF is nice
People bemoaning losing 5 to 10 million gambling, and not receiving an upgrade to their 30m item. Sheesh.

Anyway, I crafted 35 or so amulets and maybe 15 gloves, and had a minor upgrade for my barb.

I don't think I'll craft any more gloves; they're just so affordable at the AH that the gamble isn't really worth it to me. I'll stick with amulets.
Omg, what an incredible amulet ^^

The best thing i see in this, is that it's a first (and nice) move toward less AH. Of course it's only a step, but it's still something.
And as i am a "All self found oldschool" player, i'm quite happy to see people trying to upgrade by themselves instead of doing some AH's "barbie shopping".
AH is the root of all evil ^^

Again nice amulet!
Where u find the recipes for those items? and how u craft it? ty

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