Tank WD 1.7 Hardcore

Witch Doctor
Looking for how to advance my gear/build.

Currently 5.8-8k armor 800 all resist 35khp

Only 13kdps. How can I get more dps/ more tanky. Do I need to start working LOH and crit or is there a tank way?

On my HC WD, I stack lots of LoH. 2 casts of acid rain and I'm full health. I use leaping spiders for main damage, and when I need healed I use acid. Kinda save the mana for healing.
For tanky, I highly recommend getting 7% reduced damage from elites on your chest and shield. You can get it on a ring with Litany too but it's very expensive on HC.

For dps during solo, I like to gear my enchantress as a glass cannon since it's okay if she dies. Get her a bunch of intelligence and big 2hander.
20k dps all you need to farm act 3 then i bum up with gf sh i play very tanky but every once and a while i get a scare.

never used a shield couldn't find one i liked
Good suggestion on reduced damage elites... how about increasing damage without losing too much "Tank" should I go try to get some crit or should I stack high damage weps with mana regen?
Crit is always good. But I would assume, since I haven't played HC yet. Going to start shortly. I would assume that getting +min/+max on as much stuff you can get will increase DPS nicely and consistently. But of course you're going to need some CC & CD to get those big numbers. You can get a lot of CC on a shield, up to 10% I think.

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