Any reason to not use ruby if it gives dps?

Witch Doctor
I just switched from crit to ruby gem on my weapon to test it out and I gained about 650 DPS. I know that's not a huge increase, so I'm wondering if there is any reason it would be better to keep the crit, or should I only be worried about the dps number?

I believe I read somewhere that the ruby gem favors weapons with % damage increase like the one I have. Still, even though my dps in-game number went up, 90% less crit damage seems like a lot.
^ Still wondering about this.
if i understand the whole thing between red and green gem then with the red gem ur dmg will be more consistent while with the green one more "spiky"...but overall it stay the same.
Go with what ups your dps the most.

For me it was about a 6k dps boost going from Emerald to Ruby. So I went Ruby. Pretty straight forward.
OK, thx for replies all :D
d3rawr calculates correctly. Here is your info. If you ran with a Marquise Emerald in your weapon you'd have100k dps unbuffed. With a Marquise ruby you will have 106k. Pretty decent swing towards a ruby for you.
Marquise Ruby is where it's gonna be at I'm pretty sure. Chuck's already got one... I'm jelly.
My weapon benefits more from emerald than ruby. It really stems down to your weapon speed and dmg multiplier. If you are running a fast (1.3+ aps) weapon that has 45%+ dmg modifier... than ruby tends to be more in your benefit. Slower weapons or ones that have lower dmg modifiers will still favor the emerald.
I suppose you have to be comfortable passing on the possible thorns damage. =)

Otherwise no reason to pass on increased DPS.

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