Cookie Cutter w/out serenity 1.07

Finally 1.07 went live and we got to play with some new toys.

The main point of this patch from a monk pov, at least for farming, is the NERF to reflect/molten and SW and the buff to WoL. There are other interesting changes like EP and the overall buff to TR but if you used to play a cookie cutter in farming mode you have to focus basically on 2 things:

-serenity is almost useless up to medium/high mps given a decent dps/ehp.

-WoL gives us better speed overall. The nerf to SW is nothing compared to the speed that we gained in trash kills.

Here is the build that I'm using at mp6/7 and I think will become the NEW standard for most of us since serenity will be dropped so fast from most of the monks around. Don't be the last dude to do so!!bgX!acabcc

this build offers you:

-high killing speed for both elite/trash mobs

-versatility. You can refresh overawe vs smalls grps or spam 1/2 WoL and gain 100+ massacre with easy. The burst is also here, since you can empty your spirit pool (via exalted soul) and make a full combo of overawe/blinding+ 3 bells happens.

This is my monk I don't think is a sick one but is pretty solid overall. I'm glad to have finally dropped OWE since atm I have 3 sweet passives to use in farming mode.

Drop serenity guys, there is nothing usefull in that skill anymore while you are farming ;)
I agree with the changes to molten and reflect everything can be easily dodged now. I personally like dashing strike.

A lot more builds are viable now with the changes.
Interesting. I just put Serenity on my bar this morning. Ghom, he gets my almost every time, and in pub games that isn't a good thing :P

Also, what NERF? It was pure buff :P
very're using BF even though there's no snapshot anymore, and your don't have BoY to reduce the cd...

02/13/2013 07:58 AMPosted by Karandor
I personally like dashing strike.

this, unless im playing with a cm wiz then i use cyclone strike

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