Gear Moving into 1.0.7 ~ Gear for Sale Inside

If there's any gear you'd like to buy please make an offer :)

I'm a big fan of moving fast, using TR and using bells. I'm really wanting a set of gear to do a few different things for me. Those being:

♦ A way to toss out either Guardian Spirit or OWE for Fleet Footed
♦ To be able to TR suffeciently in higher MP levels (7+)
♦ To be able to replace SSS for WoL effectively

I'm mainly wanting to know what kind of a budget I would be looking at based on improving the gear I'm using now.

I know that I definitely need a better SoJ but that can run upwards of 15M+ for a decent TR related one. I also know I'll need a Skorn with some sort of higher LS. I've been saving mats to craft the new amulets as well.

I appreciate any help :)

P.S. Before I am able to get better gear, what skills should I switch out with the change to the FitL and DR: Foresight SS?
Since the patch I'm able to do MP3 with my current gear without issue. I'm still wanting to improve on it though and I've got a decent selection of gear to sell start a budget with.

Inna Helm:

10% CC STR/DEX/VIT w/ 46 CR 1100 Armor and 19% Block Shield:

8.5% CC STR/DEX/INT w/ 61 AR 12% Life 964 Armor and 17% Block Shield:



109 DEX 208 VIT 55 CR w/ 3 Socket Chest:

190.5 AD 160 INT 15 AP 8.5% CC w/ Socket Triumvirate:
Adding a Vile Ward to that list.
How much for the weapons? Those would make a pretty good combo!
Not really sure at the moment. Mainly just looking for offers so I can build a budget for a higher end TR set.
i would like to swap my vile wards for yours. im a psn monk and most of my res is in psn right now

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