Putting Storm Armor to its full usefulness.

I recently upgrade my attack tremendously on my Wiz going into Hell mode, and I'm shocking everything to death just by walking near it, and it's very entertaining. I was wondering how I could get the most use out of this skill, I'm not looking to make a CM build, just rather do my own thing. Does attack speed count towards how often the lightning strikes? The passive for lightning skills seems useless though as it has only an 8% chance to stun for 1.5 seconds, so anything else I can do to turn myself into a walking Tesla Coil?
Attack speed does not impact the frequency of strikes from the armor. It averages out to about 1 strike per second over extended periods of time.
Is there no other way to improve this other than just higher DPS then?
Ya just boost overall DPS to get more use out of Storm Armor.

As far as I know, Storm Armor has a proc coefficient of 0, which means that it can't proc on hit effects like LoH and the stun from Paralysis. If Storm Armor is the only lightning skill on your skill bar, you're wasting a passive slot for Paralysis and you're better off using something else.
I don't even know if that Lightening passive procs with Storm Armor. I may be wrong, but I tried to test that and it never seemed to stun enemies.
The Shocking Aspect Rune will get you the most out of this Armor spell.
02/13/2013 02:20 PMPosted by Umbra
The Shocking Aspect Rune will get you the most out of this Armor spell.

Actually with low CC, and while leveling to 60, like the OP, Thunderstorm or Reactive Armor are probably the 2 best rune variants. Once you start stacking CC, then yes, Shocking Aspect becomes much more attractive.
attack speed increases your dps

so it scales in the end

That's wrong. Storm Armor doesn't scale from attack speed at all. It doesn't use your char sheet dps, it uses your weapon damage. If you double your dps by doubling your attack speed, storm armor will still be doing the same damage per strike and will still strike at the same frequency.

The ways to increase the strike damage is to raise your Int, Crit, Crit damage, and/or weapon damage (not weapon dps, weapon damage). You can also spec into the rune that raises the damage to 130% of weapon damage, but those are the only direct ways of increasing the Storm Armor strike damage short of dps buffs like Glass Cannon or Magic Weapon.
Thanks for the input so far! I guess another obvious way to improve it would be +x% Lightning Damage. If only there was a rune that increased the rate at which it goes off.
02/13/2013 11:34 PMPosted by HelbentRvnge
I guess another obvious way to improve it would be +x% Lightning Damage.

Depends on which one you're referring to..

If you meant "Adds x% to Lightning Damage", then it doesn't really matter if it's lightning. It can be any element & it will still do the same thing. If you're aiming for this, then forget about being particular about the element type & get whatever highest elemental bonus you can get instead

If you meant "Lightning skills deal x% more damage", then you have very limited options. Other than the 3-piece Tal bonus, there's not much else you can get this buff. Fragment and Schaefer works but frankly, you're better off using something else. In fact you'd be better off using something else entirely (like say, an Archon setup for more overall DPS), than chasing this bonus just for SA

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