Sudden Siegebreaker Uber issue

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Never have I had issue before with the SB/ZK Uber. Tele into position, lockdown, and wait until dead. My gear has not changed, my latency is the same...but now SB does not stay on lockdown and regularly picks me up, drops me, I lose crowd control and die.

Wondering if anyone else has had any issues similar to this since the patch rolled out.
My lockdown was noticably worse against both Ghom and Azzy. I assumed it was server lag.
I didn't seem to have any new issues with Ghom and rakanoth, but when thinking back to it, I do remember the lockdown not being as tight. but I still never died. Against SB/ZK, I died about 12-15 times, which I think is more than I've ever died in all my previous Uber runs combined. Something is off, and as far as I can tell, it's not my toon.
SB kicked my butt for the first time ever tonight. It has been changed.
It's not just you. I haven't tried MP10 ubers yet in 1.0.7 live, but I remember having a harder time with Seige on 1.0.7 PTR while not having any problems in 1.0.6. But from what I saw on PTR, I think they altered the logic of the Seigebreaker so that if he's under CC effects his default action is now to pick you up rather than do something. Either that or lockdown in general is worse, but I haven't really noticed it in general. My impression is that they may have altered the AIs logic when under CC effects. It would make sense they can make that as an "undocumented" change without outrightly nerfing builds.
reflect on siegebreaker increased
MP10 1.0.7 Elites and ubers are harder.

I don't know how, they just are.

There is absolutely no chance of being able to run with less Armor and All Resists if my last A3 MP10 runs were anything to go by.
Played 8 hours.

Plagued now feels like desecrator, but over a much larger area.. Obviously, this was in the patch notes...but molten doesn't feel any weaker. If the plagued is stacked (which is difficult to tell since their is no indicator), it can almost feel like 1.0.6 reflect. Can't explain it...just does.

I haven't found elites to be harder at all...just, the same, in general. Lockdown seemed normal to me on Uber runs, but I can't really be sure, as I had another CM wizard with me and that makes my experience significantly easier.

I'll solo them later and pay attention.
SB is definitely harder. Tried running with 3.01+ aps, same skills as before and there's a world of difference in terms of being able to lock that pair down.
I know my cc is still on the low side at 41.5 but when watching my cooldowns I do not think crits are procing as much as before. Or the nova cooldown has been increased.
I messed around with it a lot and it seems like coldsnap + evocation is still just as good, but bone chill is not as good as it was before.
I just ran mp9 solo cm wiz at 2.99 aps and 253ms ping + 1 stun dh. failed a few times for sb.

yeah. the default action for sb seems to be to pick you up asap. (and zk seems to be the stupid ceiling attack).

I suppose if you freeze with zk between you and sb, he may not pick you up, or you could have some other meleee character (monk/barb) act as pick up bait by standing closer to sb

I had to respec to coldsnap, unstable anomaly in order to run it successfully eventually.
it's been lagging heavily since the patch arrived. I guess it's the combination of server lag and the changes (guess) that makes gameplay harder.

Plagued is kinda strong now, I planned to drop some LoH before, but I may have to rethink about it, maybe even increase my LoH as Ghom suddenly is harder for me.
do the new changes to seiges logic mean 2 cm wizards are needed for carries?
or to be able to solo carry u need to be at 3.01 brkpoint and then use coldsnap?
I haven't done enough testing (burned out on ubers atm) to know but the other guy in the room with me got consecutively picked up quite a number of times (sb picked up, I move slightly away still freezing zk, sb drops and then insta-picks up again before I move back and freeze). I'm pretty sure my experience was merely an outlier though :)
I dunno Carnac. I had a similar experience in PTR to the one you just mentioned. I used Bone Chill with both 2.73aps/3.00aps and at both attack speed breakpoints noticed a substantial difference. What kind of stats were you using (ias+cc+cold snap?/bone chill?+approximate latency)?
SB confirmed bugged:

Using crowd control effects when Siegebreaker picks up players will reset the grab and make them take more damage than normal.
Hasn't that always been an issue? It sounds like your guys problem is holding CC to begin with.
Yeah on second thought the wording is ambiguous. They may just be recognizing the 1.06 behavior as a bug now.
Heh, speaking as a barb, I already know of that bug all too well. It's even more annoying when using a freeze-spec'ed follower whose lockdown is far less reliable than a good CM wizard's.

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