Sudden Siegebreaker Uber issue

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tried several games and here are my results:

(3.01 aps // 55.5 cc // 16 apoc)
(shocknadoshardsnap +evocation)

pre 1.07 perm freeze (even single targets after winding up)

1.07 - perm freeze in elite or normal mob packs except when wicked wind hits fewer than one target then perm freeze becomes stutter lock and most elites seem to have a split second where they can perform an action after another elite dies nearby and/or they are the last one standing every 3 to 4 rotation cycles.
elites/ubers all act as if they have the "FAST" Affix and always get an ability off every stutter lock as opposed to when they used to just wiggle...

Tested several different techniques that worked previously but are no longer viable.
(all techniques assume that the two are close enough together to get hit by SA/EB/FN/DS)
-spamming WW over a single target either Zk or SB (the tornado skirt effect)
-having the mouse twitch between both characters alternating WW (Enemy Mob info UI strobe)

i was still able to get a perm freeze stun lock by tossing ww between them (Shift + spam without any target selected) and as soon as ZK died SB could "react" every 3-4 rotations as seen from from other elite packs. I have noticed that if SB is the only one left, you can still create a strong lock-down (solo or group) by teleporting slightly behind him every time he turns to face you. This way if he's hellbent on grabbing you, he will then use up his action by turning to face you again (assuming you can re-freeze fast enough). Obviously spamming teleport will use up an action slot of your own much like Slow time... so wormhole isn't the best choice unless you can control it and only teleport once when you need it (not 3-4 and have to wind up all over again). (Or like previous posters have mentioned, use bait)

let me know if this worked for you!
MP10 1.0.7 Elites and ubers are harder.

I don't know how, they just are.

There is absolutely no chance of being able to run with less Armor and All Resists if my last A3 MP10 runs were anything to go by.

lol no. game is so ez I dont even play cm anymore. I tell you what we can run mp10 any act as CM you just follow. If i die one single time i'll pay you 100m. If i don't you pay me 100m.
came back from mp10 ubers

siege kept molesting me -_-

we're back in needing a tank for sb yo
came back from mp10 ubers

siege kept molesting me -_-

we're back in needing a tank for sb yo

more like, we needed a bait for him to hold, while the rest are killing em XD
i found chasing his tail and freezing from there helps
By the way, my wizard just finished scalping the ubers in mp10 solo ...was not easy though and need a few tries especially Maghda + SK & Zoltan Kulle + SB.

I found out that my wizard can continue to freeze non-stop if SB came charging in until ZK is dead without getting picked up at all. Furthermore, ensure that ZK is between your wiz and SB.
o.k. after the sb issue, the best way to do the uber 10 or carrying someone in uber 10.

1. you only need two wizzes with 200k+ dps, 2.74bp, 50+cc. and run two timewarp since they stack. we don't really need any help from other class anymore.
2. if you are carrying someone, make that person the bait for SB while two sns/cm wizzes go at kulle.

I just carried someone in uber 10 with Zhouxin, another sns/cm wiz. It was the smoothest run since the patch 1.07.

who would have known that SB/kulle can give us as much annoyance as magda/king.

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