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I'm not much of a forum lurker. I do however like to look at peoples builds and see what other people use. I was testing a few things lastnight and found that Zombie Bears is by far the best secondary attack, my last test was with the bats on life steal (shows on my paper doll atm) and well they suck. I am torn though on my primary, rain of toads is nice and I am a fan of acid rain, but ghost bomb keeps me coming back to its fast AOE.

I ran into issues with reflector bosses killing me (that should be fixed with this patch) with anything poison related such as the big stinker and acid pools so I never grew fond of those skills while farming past MP5.

If anyone has any suggestions for my build I would like to hear it. The only thing that I have on now that is not normal is the Mempo, its my exp/item farming helm, I have a Zun set helm with decent stats and a life gem to complete the 4 piece set.
Build varies depending on goal. What's your goal?
stack ehp for high mps.
right now Im item farming, but I would like to start doing a few more ubers esp now with the new crafting
During the course of P100 I tested many builds and routes.


On MP0 with 3 piece cains, hellfire and leorics netted about 80-90m XP per hour, the run was Skycrown to Rakkis to Crater 2 to Keeps 2, repeat. Because you get 5 stack at Skycrown you have a very nice shot at loot with this run as well. Brief skill explination:

Spirit walk/horrify to rush between packs (movespeed buff stacks)
Acid cloud should 1 shot every regular enemy group
Bears on packs
Always have 5 stack soul harvest, vengeful is nice for annoying things like fallen maniac
Spirit vessel makes getting around that much faster and also gives you a "Whoops" death if need be
Humungoid with cleave to clear up the few mobs that get left behind
I usually just run around facerolling mp5, when servers up ill do Ghom runs for plans. :D

Still have 2 items with PUR I have to switch for some more EHP... WD is getting the efficiency shaft with this update, because of our limitations at higher MPs. ;/

Mid MP farm build (5-7)

Brief explination:

Crush all the trash with bears as quickly as possible getting some free dogs along the way. This build revolves around massive damage spikes for packs, with 5 stack gruesome, 5 stack harvest, big bad voodoo planted and then blowing up the dogs with provoke the pack, I spike to around 750k DPS with unlimited mana for BBV's duration thanks to rain dance allowing me to demolish mid MP packs in very short order and with mass confusion not only are they not hitting me but they take 20% more damage during this time.

MP8-10 Farming/Ubers

Fairly standard spider bears revolving around damage mitigation and sustainable DPS. I take hex for kule but soul harvest is good on the other two fights because they have adds and you can get a nice stack. Slam dance can be better then rain dance in a party as well comes down to personal preference (if I am running with a DH I will usually take slam)
most of the runs Im doing are on MP5, now with the better exp in the MP after this patch I might be able to tone it down a notch in difficulty to streamline the process. Thanks for the tip on the build it looks interesting and I will give it a try.

I use that for high MP Farming. If you have the EHP to survive, it's just too hard to pass up the damage buffs from soul harvest and gruesome feast. Not using spirit vessel makes it a little more challenging, but hey, that's why WD is fun!

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