Break down my build/gear.

Witch Doctor
Hey there just another dissect my build post, Pro's & Con's you tell me!

Happy to hear from anyone :)
yeah 12.7k health is plenty and enough

you can down it 8k health. should be enough.
Just noticed I have pile-on, that should be a "Gargantuan" with Restless Giant rune.

Totem is replaced with Burning Dog's if I am solo.
12k LIFE? WAT?
HP is enough to get me through MP7 so far, I know I should have more but recent gear changes goofed with it.
12,000 life gets you through MP7 while using PTV, having no mana regen, and no life steal? Lol ????????????????? I think we're toasting in a roll bread
Obvious troll post is obvious.

Good try though.
Pros -

You deal decent damage.

Cons -

You die in 1 hit.

How do you only have 12k HP? How do you not get owned every time something breathes on you?

You need more VIT. 5x more VIT... Get Blackthornes pants and Blackthornes belt. Focus on VIT now. Download an EHP Calculator. It will help you a lot. I might have a few items for you to have.
12k HP 120 DPS. 25% more fire damage taken. More IAS then CC.
If this is a low MP farming build why do you need BBV, why are you using Pile on instead of Acid cloud and why aren't you using grave injustice?
If this is a high MP build how do you survive ?
Between Spirit Walk (Try to not get hit) and Spirit Vessel (GTFO if I do get hit) I try not to die, Pile shouldn't be in the build and Totem only if I'm playing with others.
As a side note, I took about 6 months off now just getting back into!

Who wants to do ubers! -_-
why mp7?? just go mp10 and i wish u best luck to drop a 20sec homunculous

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