Looking for gear advice. (:

D3UP link: http://d3up.com/b/327052

If you guys could take a look at my monk and see what I should get as some upgrades that'd be greatly appreciated. (: I'm already planning on getting a 200+ vit Inna's Chest and 90+ vit Inna's Pants.
Also I'm wondering. Do you guys think replacing my tal rasha's with an inna's chest is worth it? I'd gain about 11k hp but lose about 6k dps.
3 pc innas set is useless, so unless you plan on getting a helm other then Innas, i wouldnt get the chest.

it looks like your main concern is vit. If this is true know that Innas pants can get up to 200vit and that your tals chest can get up to 300vit.

to be honest your Life is really good, you're not even using the Vit gem in your helm.

I would look more toward upgrading some items for some DPS
Hm. Well for end game (which is a LONG ways for me since I'm a noob) I was thinking/hoping to one day get a crit mempo. :o! But hey I'm poor so that may not be the case. xD What dps concerns would you suggest for my monk?

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