Where does my gear fail the hardest?

Witch Doctor
Been looking to make improvements on my WD, just don't where to make them because I suck at gearing this character lol. Any advice on what I should improve?


(PS:I know the gloves a pretty awful.)
Better ToTD mojo with 11 mana per sec, 250 average damage (100-400 or similar), and vitality.

Replace rare ring with Zuni Pox, can put LoH on it if you want.

Replace Tal Rasha Helm with Zuni helm. Now you have completed the Zuni set. Welcome to more mana.

Allres is missing from too many pieces of gear; gloves, helmet, bracers, pants, belt and rings. If you want to play in higher MPs, or not die too often on lower MPs, get your allres up on your gear, 400 allres without int or 700 resistance showing in your inventory.

Armor should be near 4000. HP near 40K.

Better knife with near 1000 DPS, 90+CD. A socketed one is ideal (or black damage weapon) but it will cost you.

That skill set you are playing will not scale into mid and higher MP playing solo. The higher MP you go, the slower you kill things, the less dogs you will create.

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