brawling totally unbalanced

I am a dh and played with monk, wiz, and wd all the time 4v4.... its basically just chaos lol whoever sees you first and what you do to counter what they are throwing at you. I think we all ended up pretty even on kills in the end. As some stated earlier.... could have been prepping in ptr and working out strategies and counters all this time ;)
02/13/2013 11:59 AMPosted by MineSky
have u ever seen a 660k DPS DH? so, who is unbalance now ? dun use your gear and skill to determine a char is unbalance .....

Yes and I can beat them.

02/13/2013 11:56 AMPosted by couchy
some players will always beat other players no matter the class. pvp is mostly player skill

^^ Correct. Gear aside. It comes down to knowing how to use the right skills to counter your opponent. PERIOD. I fought a geared DH earlier. He whacked me good once. I adjusted to his 250k dps. He never killed me after that. No one in the room did. I was using line of sight. Hi regen. CC reduction shield tank. Kept up perma sprint. 54% run speed. I couldn't be touched.

Then the DH finally figure to change tactics to blow me up since he couldn't kill me he went pure Dps 500k+ He nuked me 2 times. Then I changed tactics and droped Wotb for Ignore pain with the 7 sec rune. I poped ignore pain. charge. Rend. sprint dead. I didn't die after this. Never came close.

Point is you can counter anything.. ANYTHING... Just have to use your head and know your opponent. Build a solid over all char. and have gear in you inventory for gear switching for certain fights. Problem is the learning curve is extreme for PvP and players don't know how to do it yet.

The look on the DH's face after I tanked his 500k dps and nuked him was priceless. Never saw it coming. Doesn't matter what Dps your pushing or what gear you have. There is a counter for everything and a skilled player that gets around the map and has a good mechanical game play will win a lot more then someone who doesn't. /end
02/13/2013 12:18 PMPosted by GengisKhan
In your opinion is better to stack AR and Vita or Life regen and defense?

Block is ok but only on shield. you want some block and dodge for mitigation. Not getting hit or taking full damage from attacks are a must to not get nuked for Regen to even work.

Now for what gets threw. you need Armor and a lot of it. Then it has to be complemented with at least 700resist minimum. If you get enough life. 60k+ This will help from getting nuked and allow you to dodge, block and mitigate attacks as you get around and Regen back to full.

Life regen is crazy OP. Now with that being said I am ranked like 14 in America in regen so I see the benefits to it. I have 3988 regen base using all regen 5 pc IK set. Anytime I get away or line of sight and ranged class I am back at full HP. I also use Inspiring Presence so my buffed life regen with Warcry up is 5844 per sec. If you don't time CDs and nuke me then the chance of you killing me are 0. Im just going to get away with sprint or charge. and Regain all my life. Its all about the combination of right skills and using the build.

Almost forgot. You have to also have Elite damage reduction if you really want to take hits. I have 14% and works better then most stats for defense. I have 7% on litany. and 7% on stormshield. After I added these I went from doing ok to not dieing.
But sadly to say Wizards had a 4% Success rate. 4% Bro, and you lost to one.

I would have to say, according to this study, you're just a noob.


tried few different things....different weaps. legacy set. nothing. nothing could stop the blizzard. gloom does not work.

did you try looking at specific stats like resists?

he kept running behind a wall while his 2 duplicates dps and got in my way.

That doesn't yell unbalance, that is intelligence outclassing you big time

just saying. pvp totally flawed. would be one thing if he had really good gear. totally just meeh.

I don't need to quote any more to say that this is a pure whine thread, I would say that you have no perception of combat in real life or a game, because kiting behind a wall as a ranged hero doesn't instantly make it unbalanced, nor does versing a spell caster when you have 453 resist all and die fast, learn the game before you write the biggest untrue whine thread known in this games history

DH that's bad at PVP gets beat up by under geared Wiz who's good at PVP.
i was actually just brawling in a room of 2 board and sword barbarians and a wizard and just one rend would kill me if they critted. One of the barbarians was dominating the room, so the other 2 left. It took me 3 deaths to finally get my build right and kill the barbarian by using caltrops torturous ground, placing traps, and a lot of kiting/vaulting, It's because of legacy nats that I can keep vaulting around and fog when needed without worrying about my discipline. Im going to try using sharpshooter with traps, and see where to tweak my build from there.

My ehp is pretty crappy also, but I can still stand up to really tanky characters, by using our range and traps to my advantage. So far im pretty pleased with the brawling system, since last night I was just owning everyone, now today I actually had a challenge. So far Im yet to be disappointed.
Got hammared without lube to a p10 wizard today. 66 dh. vs 10 wiz.

wiz has half the dmg and ehp then me.

tried few different things....different weaps. legacy set. nothing. nothing could stop the blizzard. gloom does not work.

he kept running behind a wall while his 2 duplicates dps and got in my way.

just saying. pvp totally flawed. would be one thing if he had really good gear. totally just meeh.

why was dh dmg reduced accross board 30%? dh has so many useless skills when it comes to brawling.

just saying. yup, bit poed. its stupid. the crafting is dumb too. eventually, only crafted gloves an ammys will be worn, and people won't even bother picking up in game ones. i already got a roll with 250 dex and 250 vit with cc an cd. just a matter of time before i hit a home run.

why account bound? ammys that drop ingame, have base stat nuff said. starting at 50 in mp0. all way to 200 in mp 10. with a spread.

whatever you guys wanna do. its fine. game at least has more stuff to do...well wait. it really doesnt. crafting...done once you get a trifecta. demonic essence acct bound, will not even pu after that.

to boot server is up for 20 hours an clank!

You are so weak, DH is currently the 2nd strongest class for pvp, much stronger than wizard. Wizard maybe the second worst choice in pvp. Don't know how you can lose to a wizard.
02/13/2013 11:47 AMPosted by Profit
at least he broke it up into paragraphs so it was easier to not read

02/14/2013 09:40 AMPosted by Raining
Don't know how you can lose to a wizard.

Becouse he cant play DH. Sentry turret, smoke screeen loaded for bear, and the wizzard is dead.

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