WTS whoel account- Cluster Arrow DH- 270k dps

Items and Crafting

This is cluster arrow build for DH
It is one of the most strongest build for DH in Asia. I think you can see them on Youtube.
-270k dps with 70 discipline
-Almost 60k HP
-Average 330 resistance
-52.5 c/c 569c/d 1.98 AS

im selling whole account, not selling separatly.
im only using paypal) cuz i had a bad experience with some people..u can still negitiage the price.

ALSO!!!!!!!! I HAVE

-best dex hellfire ring (check my dh)
-Double c/c, c/d hellfire ring (check my wiz)
-2 marquise emerald
Uber act1: 3
Uber act2: 28
Uber act3: 43
-1 infernal staff
- u can change the battletag for free just one time.

please email me at nikecap87@hotmail.com with your price range
or leave a thread here, cuz i can check every hour.


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