Error 31048 poped up help plz

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Been playing diablo all morning was buying jewelry plans on AH bought one was fine and then next one Error 31048 pops up. Now I cant buy/sell anything on AH. Also says my completed item inventory is full even though its not, and no matter how many items I take out nothing changes. I can still bring up and search AH just nothing more than that. Restarted D3 restarted computer nothing. I would appreciate and help or advice on how to fix. TY
This happened to me too - exact same scenario.

I bought my first item on the AH since the new patch, a Marquise ruby plan. Tried buying other jewellery plans and I got Error 31048. I retried and I also got some Error 0's too. Sometimes it says there are 50 items in my Completed items section when there are none, I recently cleared them all.

I cannot bid, buyout, or sell anything on the GAH.

I've logged out, logged back in. I logged in to my account on another computer at my friend's place, and it still doesn't work. I talked to Support, and they told me they are aware of the issue and are investigating but have no ETA on a resolution.

Thx for reply been browsing a bit and apparently this is happening quite a bit since patch 1.07 hopefully blizz will fix soon.
Cant buy anything on ah.
Cant Sell Anything in ah.
Cant see profile on site.
Can they give my money back?
Same in my auction house too.31048:(
Same boat here, hopefully someone pays atttention. This is preventing me from doing anything. Want to make new items with new recipes but need frigging mats from AH...

halp bliz
31048 and that annoying errror sound everytime I try to buy or sell anything Gold AH softcore. I also bought two new plans right before I started getting these errors everytime, but I think that's just a coincidence because everyone was buying / selling those plans.

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