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Some have guessed that the first expansion will add another act or two to the storyline, in which you hunt down something huge and ugly that Adria has summoned, followed by Adria herself. However, I don't think it should start where act IV left off, as the Prime Evil has been defeated and "glorious new dawn!... wait... never mind" would feel out of place. I think the first expansion should start off with a brand-new act 1.

The Worldstone was made to not only conceal Sanctuary from heaven and hell by Inarius; it was made to inhibit the Nephalem from becoming more powerful than either angels or demons; it turned them into the ordinary people of Sanctuary. Uldyssian was the first ordinary being to revive his Nephalem powers, and he altered the Worldstone to allow people to do so. After he defeated Inarius and he himself died at the end of the Sin War, the Angiris Council and Mephisto agreed to again change the Worldstone to stop the people of Sanctuary from becoming Nephalem. However, after Baal fused his soulstone with it, dooming Sanctuary to the forces of destruction, Tyrael was left no choice but to destroy the Worldstone, regardless of the consequences it might bring. This left Sanctuary exposed to the armies of hell.


More time has passed since the destruction of the Worldstone, and since the first Nephalem to appear in centuries defeated the Prime Evil. The people of Sanctuary are becoming more and more aware of their hidden powers. Cults like the Coven are forming all over the world as people try to gain Nephalem powers, for good or evil.

So... an ordinary soldier of Westmarch discovers he has tremendous power. With it, he singlehandedly turns the tide of a losing battle. The people worship him and he is later made the king of Westmarch. However, he seeks the help of a dark cult to perform rituals so that he can unlock the power to force people do his will, the ability to summon the beings of heaven and hell, and immortality. One day, he journeys his army far from Westmarch, deep into the Wilderness. They are gone for such time that most of the women and children of Westmarch are left to forage for themselves. Some say he has taken his army as far as the Dreadlands. Act I begins as you travel away from Westmarch, in search of the missing king and his army. DUNDUNDUNNNN

I wouldn't want it to be too uncannily similar to Leoric sending the army of Khanduras to fight an unjustified battle with Westmarch, "Emperor Hakan II" of Kehjistan sending the Iron Wolves to Alcarnas, or Arthas taking his army to Northrend. However, I think the fundamental story in that people of Sanctuary try to obtain Nephalem powers and immortality could be pursued. [Insert Malthael and Inarius' return here]

Throw down your suggestions as well.
Here are some possibilities:
1. Rescuing Leah's soul.
2. Hunting Adria.
3. Learning more about who Covetous Shen really is.
4. Possibly dealing with Imperious.
5. The emergence of Tathamet.

I've even considered the possibility that one of the expansions (maybe not this coming expansion) will take place in the Unformed Land, where you will play one of the fallen heroes. This could even include dead hardcore characters. The missions here would involve Leah and Cain.

It's also possible that the mission will take place in Westmarch or Xiansai. You may need to travel all over the world to find Adria.
We've been to Hell twice, we just got back from Heaven, I say we go to wherever it is that the dead go. We don't have to bring Leah or Cain back, we can bring the story to them. Involve Malthael having taken up Tyrael's discarded domain of Justice and forcibly taking the Domain of fate to combine them in to Death.

This would also be a good chance to revisit other characters from previous games who have died, such as Aiden, Wirt, etc.
I like your idea starblazer, one thing I would like to add on though, is that after we leave the pearly gates, we find ourselves in Kingsport/Kingston (where the theives guild is at). Of course first mission would of course finding away to save the soul of Leah. She would be our ghostly traveling companion. While in the town we face off the thieves guild which gets us on course to tracking down the evil witch Adria. But things dont go the way we hope and before we kill her, ImPerious shows up with his followers and we end up doing battle. Maybe to make things more interesting, bring in the original 7 player chacacters as adversaries that ImPerious now controls to fight us.
I say Leah should stay dead and damned, like all previous prime evil vessels; happy endings do not fit Diablo well.

hunting Adria and handling Imperius are more than possibilities, are logical paths.

what I'm really puzzled is: what has become of the black soulstone? it was cast down from heaven with diablo's body, so now it's lost somewhere. it was also unstable, the demons within would have scaped from it if not for Leah's power, so now they can scape. it would be interesting fighting the 7 separated again, and the possibilities of where and how are infinite. Skovos Isles? Xian-sai? Westmarch?
hopefully the expansion will explain that everything that happened in the previous content was actually a dream and didn't happen. only way to fix the crap story IMO. that or retcon everything. blizzard's good at retcon'ng things
There were so many obvious "holes" that it feels like they are simply conveniently forgotten by everyone in the game, so they can make an expansion that expands on that. If they don't even mention shen's gem hunt, leah's soul(she sucks btw) or adria, i'd be very surprised.
Well here is my 2 cents on the topic:

We basically find ourselves in the new act having to track down the black soulstone before Imperious gets his hands on it. We will discover during the act that there are still resigual amounts energy from the seven evils still within the stone, plus we will find that Leah's soul is trapped within it. I also figure that the following characters will play an important role in the act, which could lead into a Diablo IV.

  • Imperious - since the beginning of act III, we know that he was wounded by diablo himself. Which we can only guess that a little of the evil from Big D. himself left in him. He will start his search for the stone with the assistance of his angels that joined him during act III. During the new act he will approach surrent individuals with promesses of wealth and power, or even possible threats against them if they dont help.

    Adria - What more can be said about her, she basically has her own agenda. She gets approached by Imperious telling her that if she does not join him and searching for the soul stone that she will face his wraith. She agrees since she has her own plons for the stone.

    Theives Guild - With greed and power a main factor for them, they will be approached by Imperious and give the chance of their life time as they except his offer. They will be changed in ways that no mortal man would fail to take. They will not only search for the stone, but hender any who would get in their or Imperious' way.

    Covetous Shen - Will play a bigger role in this act as he will be the one who advise's the player about the Black Soul Stone and that there maybe away of fixing it.

    Leah (Minor Character) - Her bit part will of course come at the end as she is brough back from the stone. But since we have no body for her, she will remain is spirit form.
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