any lower ping apps working out there?

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Not sure whats happening but my d3 isnt the same as it use to be. I average 260 latency and it still feels sluggish. I get constant DC"s and Timeouts... Are there any working lower ping apps working for D3? Anyone else with dodo having problems?
what server are you playing on?
try pingzapper. its free, but will dc you after an hour.
good enough to test if its worth the $3/month.
good for a lot of other games too
I don't think you will notice any difference from lower ping apps because of the way D3 works.

You can try pingzapper or lowerping for free(as Psyklone said both just DC you after a set time) but I haven't noticed any difference with them.

Honestly I'd get off dodo, they are known for being cheap yes but also bad quality. The old you get what you pay for saying I guess.
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02/17/2013 02:15 AMPosted by Phillip
what server are you playing on?

I have just experienced latency probs this afternoon. Consistent drops to red, unplayable. I am contacting my IP to see if they can do anything to help, but I fear it is not at this end. I am with Westnet, who is owned by IInet, and I have not had these sort of problems before. Start off with 382 goes to 262, then down to 1070 latency. Just enough to get me killed.
we need people spreading the word that AUS and NZ should be playing on the Asia server, because it is much closer than the American one. you will average at 190-210 ping and you won't spike. you will stay at solid green.
i'm on east coast Australia playing on US servers (so accessing US west servers) and i get 190-210ms on average. Maybe once in a while it goes to 250ms or so but rarely. What speeds you get in Asia server if you're at east coast Australia?
There are a lot more dicks playing on the Asia server.. Lol. I'd rather risk my lag spikes ;)

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