Brawl naked tournament.

This is what I would like to see. You get players of the same level. They unequip everything. The person running things gives them a choice of normal (white) weapons that do about the same amount of damage so that their skills will work. Allow 1 healing potion 1 level below their current level. the person running things would go in first and drop the 3 weapons in the center, near the fountain. The 2-3 players enter. they will have to pick up the weapon they selected, equip it, then brawl. This would clearly be a skill over gear brawl. No extra advantages for life regen, no legondaries, no adds for main atribute. Just naked aggression and skill. Wouldn't that be cool. An awesome test of your medele.
this sounds very interesting
I think a problem is that some skills have numbers regardless of gear.

For example Diamond Skin for Wizard, and Breath of Heaven + Mantra with life regen for Monk.

Using either of those skills would make them nearly impossible to kill.
Maybe, however, no one seems to be trying it out. All I see in the forums are crybabies who thought they had an awesome build that got killed and people boasting about having such an awesome build of gear (all legondary) killing everyone they fight. The skills you mention and others in other classes make anyone tough, you just have to know how to deploy them to defeat your opponent. This would be a true test of character class balance.
02/17/2013 11:09 AMPosted by Kochi
I think a problem is that some skills have numbers regardless of gear.

use a cracked grey weapon whit lowest dps you can find on ground, cant be that hard

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