mouse icon froze after 1.07 install

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game still works fine, no problems on laptop. But on my PC, after i log-in the mouse icon is frozen in place. the mouse is still moving and i can highlight resume game and play... but the icon never moves. Once in the game i can see the icon change to its different images like the gauntlet or the arrow, but the cursor is never moving. Only on one computer, only just recently. Any help?????
Problem persists whether its a wireless mouse or my regular Ps2 mouse. Also, I have NOT changed any display settings.
I'm having a similar problem also after installing the new patch my mouse cursor goes invisible while in game. I can still highlight and click things but I never know where my cursor is making it impossible for me to play
If you are running Windows 7 then you may need to follow the steps in the linked article. That clears it up for some folks.

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