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So Since RD has been nerfed due to player "feeedback" I thought it'd be fun to try and crystal ball which affix or game mechanic would attract the QQ now. So far since RD has been nerfed I've seen the following be complained about:

Waller - (Seriously)

I thought it'd be fun to see if we couldn't try and guess what comes next, personally my money is on Fire Chains just as an out of left field idea.
Now that stun-locking is removed from fire chains I doult it.

I'm guessing freeze, RD or arcane as they still require you to look at the screen.
plagued actually IS op now. they need to remove the fact that it can stack multiple times

but on the other ones i agree with you.. its getting pretty sad... reflect damage wasn't ever a problem and they nerfed that because people wanted to make glass cannons instead of spending the time to balance their char.
Extra health.

Plague become from non noticable damage, to "holy fck, what was that damage" affix, so yeah, there is either a bug (AGAIN, not a surprise!) or it is intented to be the new fotm mob-affix and all elites will roll plague since 1.07 :D
I didn't mind RD, but then I don't build glass canons. I do mind getting simultaneously frozen, jailed and walled in while standing on multiple stacked plague with molten on top of it though. It's about the only thing that kills me, so I really can't complain a whole lot, a guy HAS to die sometimes. ;-)
As a witch doctor plaing the 0 dog sacrifice build, I find Frozen the worst affix when coupled with ones like Desecrate, Plague or Molten. Perhaps Knockback also.
a guy HAS to die sometimes. ;-)

not if we complain enough!
Bring back Invulnerable Minions but with a twist.

As you damage the leader, his ability to maintain his army diminishes. Either A) The barriers start to fail on minions 1 by 1 or B) 1 enemy gets destroyed at intervals. Say if a leader has 4 minions. If you say bring the leader to 80% HP, 1 minion gets destroyed or be able to take damage. At 20%, you just have to worry about the leader. For Horde, divide the intervals by number of minions + 1.

We are at the point where our DPSes can overcome their strength and IMed enemies could still be affected by Crowd Control (which was a boon for CM wizards).
So far since RD has been nerfed I've seen the following be complained about:

Waller - (Seriously)

ive seen kids crying vortex too
Yeah, Vortex is absolutely deadly for ranged characters when used by a Horde or and Illusionist monster. My Barb enjoys it, he can whirl out of it and do damage, my DH just dies.
So Vortex is not nice - but still so much more preferable to having the read the rantings of a bunch of snotty know-it-alls gleefully complaining about complainers. Give me a hundred vortexes rather than this.

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