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So I beat the campaign (relatively) recently.

Is it just me, or were Azmodan and Diablo the same character in a different skin? Is there something I missed?

  • They play the same role: to pop up every half hour and say, "Even though you're single-handedly annihilating my army, you have no chance. Mwa ha ha!"
  • They did not have a perceptible personality or behavior difference.
  • They even had the same stated become the Prime Evil.
ENOUGH! Let us see how you fair in my realm of TEAR-ROAR!
They did not have a perceptible personality or behavior difference.They even had the same stated become the Prime Evil.

They have very different behaviors, Azmodan was just sure he would win, he is arrogant.

Diablo's goal isnt to become a Prime Evil (he already is one).

They do share somewhat similar goals to some extent, they both want to destroy the High Heavens, true enough, but they have WAY different ways of going about it.

Diablo 1, 2 and 3... is just a set up by Diablo himself..... mark my words.... ;)
Diablo has a masterplan.... you'll see...

*eerie music*

Azmodan's goals are tiny compared to Diablo.... Diablo is VERY ambitious... ;)
Diablo has a feminine body while Azmodan is fat
02/25/2013 08:11 PMPosted by Vinallen
Diablo has a feminine body while Azmodan is fat

We have yet to see the actual Diablo. The Diablo we see in D3 is a result of being combined with all the other Evils PLUS having a female as host.

I wonder if we will ever see the true Diablo... If he is Terror incarnate.. perhaps he does not have an actual form... everyone sees him differently....
Yeah Azmodan and Diablo acted like the same character. They both would claim how you stand no chance, then they pretend to not care when you thwart their plan and for some reason they both tell you every action they are taking.

Blizzard did a terrible job at character development. Don't forget that Belial was horrible at lying, Azmodan would have a tough time beating a 12 year old at checkers and Diablo wasn't very terrifying.

You can say Azmodan was arrogant thus he told you his plans, but I say what kind of master strategist tells you all of his moves? Let's expand this question to Blizzard's gaming universe. Has any Starcraft pro, in a tournament match, typed in chat what he is about to do? There must be some undeniably arrogant pros in Starcraft.
Azmodan told you of his army having breached the Keep right before they barged through the door to the room the player was in and started fighting the people gaurding it which means secrecy was unnecessary by the time Azmodan started talking to the Heroes.

Azmodan mentioning the Gluth's presence in the Keep's Depths was so that you would look for him and get killed(Gluth was specifically sent into the Keep to spoil the Larder than kill you when you walk in) his plan did not need secrecy at that point.

Azmodan's only mistake was telling Leah where he was invading from(the Nephilim would have been killed long before they figured where Azmodan was invading from).
No there isn't, the story was incredibly disappointing and whoever was in charge of it should feel bad.

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