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There are some cool looking item-types in D3 and I'd like to be able to change the shape of items from one to another. I try to steer away from Legendaries if I can, because I can't customize the color whenever I feel like it. What I'd really like to do is pay a vendor to reshape an item to another item model use-able by that character, of the same type.

I want to be able to reshape my Barb's hat to look like the cool Sauron-looking hat. I wouldn't mind using salvaged materials to be able to do this. I wouldn't mind paying in gold. I want my cool hat. And honestly, I want to be able to play dress up when I feel like looking at something new run around and destroy monsters.

Does anyone else care about this? I spend gold frequently buying dyes for my armor, and change them every so often. I'd very much enjoy being able to enjoy the same stats I payed millions of gold for, while staying current in the latest witch doctor fashion trends. :)

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