Diablo3 is not a failure.

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Anyone that bashes Diablo III never played Diablo II, although they probably played Lord Of Destruction, and there's a 1 percent chance some of them played with addons.
02/17/2013 05:11 PMPosted by BattleBryan
This game only sold so much because OF D2 AND D1.

I'm sure some of the sales were due to review scores, since the game only pre-sold 1 Million and ended up moving 10 after reviews.
02/17/2013 01:16 PMPosted by aro
Usually good games don't require constant justification and reminders that it "isn't a bad game." For nearly a year now, people have been making posts trying to defend this trash.

Mass Effect 3 was given hundreds if not thousands of terrible reviews because it botched the ending.

Never you mind that the rest of the game was GOTY material; the ending got it something like an average score of 3 based on reader reviews on Metacritic. Diablo 3 is similar. Server problems at launch and some poor balance/item drops in Inferno got D3 WAY more abuse than it deserves.

It's a great game. It's got its problems, but they're being steadily ironed out and eventually it's going to be indisputably the best game on the market for years to come. It's already the best, but it's very heavily disputed by naysayers >_>
What does ME3 have to do with D3?

Diablo 3 the story was HORRIBLE the whole way through. The dialogue was written by the Situation from Jersey Shore. I play with the music off.

And who is the child who is reporting the naysayers on here? Seriously. Some of the points were a little iffy but most of them were spot on.
02/17/2013 01:07 PMPosted by Thejedi
9 million copies sold

By that logic, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull must be the best IJ movie because it's one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Let's be real, it was terrible and it only sold as well as it did because of legacy. Diablo 3 is basically its equivilent in the gaming world.
02/17/2013 05:11 PMPosted by BattleBryan
EA Sports could of made this game and it would of sold a lot because of D2 and D1. This game only sold so much because OF D2 AND D1.

I could more easily buy into this argument if it hadn't added on another million or so sales after being out a couple of months. It's one thing to make a lot of money up front and then it stops entirely. It's another thing for a game to receive this sort of reception and still rack up additional sales in the millions.

Again, I'm not saying the game is the greatest thing ever or anything close to it. But it obviously has more going for it than just D2 rep given how badly it was received. That would lead me to imagine that it's somewhat better than people say or will it admit that it is.
02/17/2013 01:07 PMPosted by Thejedi
Whatever new game Jay works on I look forward to it. Trolls be damned.

Your the troll in the true diablo series fans eyes.

The reason theres so much trolling and rage on these forums is because people are passionate about the game they once loved and it sucks to see that ruined for the people still trying to hold on.
I think that the OP went about the defense the wrong way. He likes this game as it is now and so do a lot of players since there is still a lot of players playing it. Which is no doubt part of the reason for the lag.

Also it is no doubt true that the reputation of Blizz and the reputation of the series was a factor in the sales. But no one will ever convince me that it is the sole factor to the high sales. In order for that to happen, all players would've had to bury their heads in the sand and not even bother to keep up to date with the game's development.

Having complete and utter blind faith that the game would either be a perfect recreation of D2:LOD in HD with a different story. Or believing it would live up to what they first saw in the first demo of D3. Heck Blizz North changed Diablo from D1 to D2. So that alone should've gotten some players to keep tabs on what is going on in the development of the game. Heck those that annually attend Blizzcon couldn't have been blind to D3 as well.

A lot of players had to know what they were getting into. Sure they might not have known just how bad some of the legendaries would've turned out until they got their hands on them and compared them to the other gear that dropped. They had no way of knowing of what inferno would've been like until they played it. But still they should've still had some basic knowledge of what the game was all about.

Sure this game had issues at launch as all games do. Sure it had to add content, but so do a lot of online games. Even though this game is not an MMO I kind of expect it to have to have some content added. Simply because most of the D3 team did not design an action rpg on their own before D3. That lack of experience does hurt, but that does not mean that they had to perfectly copy D2:LOD in order to have a winner.

No the OP is right this game is not a failure. It has a lot of good points, more than enough to keep me playing past launch. Since I have been here since launch. It is like a lot of other games. If you find it fun to play regardless of the flaws you will still keep playing and like the game. Sure you will come here and make suggestions to make the game better as we all do. More so if you want this game to be the best it can be.

Where it truly does stand on it's own two feet as it is beginning to do right now. I would not want this game to be propped up by all of the features of D2:LOD. Almost like saying that there are no other features that can possibly be better. Like saying this game had to be just like it's father D2 but in HD.
02/17/2013 06:32 PMPosted by IllIllllIllI
9 million copies sold

By that logic, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull must be the best IJ movie because it's one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Let's be real, it was terrible and it only sold as well as it did because of legacy. Diablo 3 is basically its equivilent in the gaming world.

One more thing b4 I go OP


please enlighten us all with your counter-argument to this
I think most D2 vets feel that it is. After all, we don't care what the sales numbers are. We just wanted a Diablo game.

-I just want a Diablo my friends will log into.
If you want to play a game more similar to diablo 2 than this I would suggest Path of Exile its free and has a much darker feel to it. Just wanted give people an option if they don't like Diablo 3 I personally am playing both.
12 million sold

88 average metacritic

online still thriving

definitely a success in any sense of the word

grumblers are a small but very loud minority, even so, Bliz is trying to help them out and make more reasons for peeps to replay the game or engage in the endless ARPG endgame.

They just add more awesome with every patch.

Grumble away but it doesn't change the fact that you are complaining about a resoundingly successful game loved by the majority of its players.

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