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I haven't got the invite yet. Plz try and add me again Bungan#1422
sry bungan , have been trying to invite you. your profile shows you only have a level 10 barb and nothing else... you are on north american server? something is screwed up, but have been sending you requests.
Europe servers :/
Thanks to blizzard for looking at this, it was not clear to me that there was an actual fix delivered in 1.0.7, it seemed like the message was "we couldn't repro".
So that is great news, and I can confirm 5 people got the achievement so far in my game.
Of course you need to be on this server, but feel free to send me a friend request if you want Bashiok. I will keep him open until he gets nicked to death , or I get disconnected!

Thanks again!
Is there a way to change the server i'm playing on?
To explain the small issue we discovered in the data, the achievement is authored with an "and/or" argument. To paraphrase: "(Power is a basic attack AND weapon is a legacy blade) or (weapon is new blade)."

What we actually originally intended (which may change in the future) was: "(Power is a basic attack) and (Weapon is a legacy blade or new blade)."

Thanks Liogela!

Now we know it works!

From above it looks like there was/is a small variation in the coding logic (thou I don't consider [or vs and] a small variation).

Maybe the chance for Bashiok to spawn can be increased (took me 4-5 days of 10-18hrs and 500+ reloads to find him)? I haven't seen him before I started looking or after I found him (13days ago).
there is a thread under the Quests forum, posted by Nomi.
My game is still open there with Bashiok half dead....feel free to jump in if you don't want to search.
I'm looking at the data right now in the editor, and it's exactly what I originally stated. The achievement can be earned with ANY blade with a basic attack. I would have to see a video of you hitting the mob with a basic attack and a blade equipped along with showing that you don't already have the achievement in order for me to believe you're truly not getting this achievement with a basic attack, because as of right now, this thing has been tested over two dozen times with 2 dozen different blades, and there is nothing in the game data itself that suggests this could be broken.

Ok. I understand now. I didn't know this was fixed in the 1.07 patch. What I was talking about was a prior build, 1.05 or 1.06, can't remember. I had problems then and managed to get the achievement only by using a very old blade. But from what everyone says, it works now just like you say so all is good :)
The thing is that you can't hit with a basic attack anymore so how do I hit with a demon hunter?
hi ive had bashanishu three time on noarmal I have hurt and killed him with the rakanishu blade ive read heaps of post how to do the bashanishu Achievement iv been after him for 3 to 4 mouths. now ive lvl all my hero up to lvl 60 I have one left to lvl up to 60 in hard core now with all the hour I have played 900 or more hours I have only seen bashanishu 3 time ive been hunting for him when I did find and hit him with no skills and just the melee attack the achievement didn't pop ive had Unique Collection not mark of in the achievement list then I would log off and log and not be there some have stayed there I think that there might be a bug in there some where im very unhappy
The uber-rare spawn quests should be worth ALOT more than 10 achievement points. It should be somewhere around Graham's number to better coincide with the rarity.

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