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I'm going to have to spend another couple hours playing the forum before my belly gets full enough of the negative aspects of 1.0.7 to overcome my dislike for losing experience when I die in Cruel difficulty in POE. When I get to the point that playing 1.0.7 hurts more than losing experience to death in Cruel, that's when I put my barb to sleep and head back to GGG.

I've been playing this patch since it went live. I've looted 11 legends, all brimed, The only rares that were worth keeping were 2 ammies, about 5 mil each. I also looted probably a dozen sets of plans, all but a couple of which went to my BS. Plus 50 crafts that netted nothing useable. In all I broke even because of the 2 ammy sales.

That's a hell of a lot of play time to just break even.

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