BlueGear PVP Tournament Tonight sunday signup

Tournament starts tonight sunday feb 17th at 9pm pst.

1mil gold entry fee. minimum 10 people must sign up by 8:50pm or tournament is canceled. Max 20 people for this tournament.

1st place takes 50% of the pot, second place 30%, 3rd place 10%. 10% stays with the organizers.

players will be placed into random pairings winner goes on. losers of the semi finals play for 3rd place.

participants must be online at 8:30pm pst to pay their entry fee. Please only give your entry fee to Chucknorris#1885

Please post in this thread to sign up.

also looking for one vulenteer to help organize this event.

Rules :

-Blue gear only. any item lvl is allowed. switching to non blue gear at any point will result in disqualification from the tournament. only up to flawless square gems allowed

-Any paragon lvl is allowed

-first player to get 3 kills wins a match. players must win 2 matches to defeat their opponent and advance. players must win 3 matches in the semi finals and finals to defeat their opponents.

-if a player leaves the arena during a match before getting 3 kills they receive a loss for that match.

-players may reset all cool downs between matches. as well as make any gear or skill changes.

-players are allowed to make any skill changes in the arena during a match a their own risk.

-players may make any gear changes during a match as long as it is all blue gear at all times.

- any potions are allowed

- players are advised to quit all chat channels and state the current kill/match score in chat after each kill. screen shots of the chat will be used as evidence to settle any disputes.


also any one elimited from the tournament is welcome to keep battling others who have been eliminated. 3v1 winner of the tournament will happen after all matches have been completed.
I like the idea of having blue gear only.
Did this happen? Hopefully next time I won't be working.
02/17/2013 11:45 PMPosted by courage
Did this happen? Hopefully next time I won't be working.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it did.
I couldn't make it Sun 17th but I'm interested in the next one.
not enough sign ups for the tourney but I did duel some peeps in blue gears.

Contrary to what most people are sayin that blue gears is where the skills and fun are, imo blues gears greatly increases the gearing and class advantage.
I did some vendor gear duels with a couple friends and it was really interesting. I saw a clip of some people doing this and we just did it the same way. everyone buys gear form the vendor. All the same gear is available to everyone. Leave the game and do this a couple more times. When everyone is happy with enough gear you're ready to go. We did this a couple times and both games were very different as the item selection is random.
I think you have to do one game in mp0 or you wont be able to buy rings or ammys for some reason.

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