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Is it true that higher MP levels will grant better affixes for ur items?

and also, what are your takes on the best ways to farm out legendaries?

my items aint tt im only doing mp0..but it takes me abt slightly less than 10 mins to complete an alkazier run
no higher level mp wont improve drops affixes

that being said playing at mp1-10 will provide better affixes than mp0 because thats when the monsters all become level 63

(allowing you to play any act and get loot as if you were in act 4 mp0)

mp0 acts 1-3 will have worse affixs than any other mp level on inferno becuase they don't have euqal level monsters (monsters in act 1 are weaker than act 4).

but once you reach mp1, affixes wont get any better if you raise it higher. as all monsters are the same strength across all acts
whethet it's a coincidence or not, i've PERSONALLY gotten better rolled items in mp 3/4 than 1/2. that said, i can't say for sure if higher mp levels are going to drop better rolls, but in my opinion, so long as you're getting the drops and killing, it can't hurt. the extra mf helps, regardless what anyonr says about mf. it has most certainly helped me get more drops, not necessarily better. do whatever you want, whether it's for speed, or higher chance of drops (ie keys/plans etc) with mp. only you know what works best for you. but my goal when planning to farm is to increase difficulty until i find that it's a bit of a struggle for me, and farm that. it's alwayd been the most beneficial for me.
right,,thx so much guys! appreciated! heh

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