Quit QQing - the AH is no different from D2 trading

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If I self-find? That is what made D2 good. If 99% of the rares that dropped weren't vendor trash, then D3 would probably be closer to overtaking D2 on more than just a cosmetic level. That should be the primary source of upgrades. The AH should be nothing more than supplemental.

Agreed the AH should be nothing more than supplemental. Instead we have this:

If we say "a player should have X power in Y amount of time through drops" and completely ignore that the time factor can be reduced by simply having access to more drops through trading and the auction house, players would be gearing up far quicker than we've determined they should.
So instead of the AH being supplemental to the game it becomes essential since they have already factored in the use of the AH in the amount of time it takes for us to gear up. Hence why so many of the rare drops are vendor trash.

The Auction House isn't the problem but rather the poor itemization.
02/18/2013 10:19 AMPosted by Deaded
-BOA gear/plans. After they mentioned they wouldn't have that in D3. This game was mean to be all about TRADING if not hunting for your own items. Remember that Blizz? You said it yourself.

I'd like to see where this was quoted from... I'm pretty sure Blizzard never said they would never do BoA items. They did say they wouldn't do BoP though...

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