What Gift Would You Give Your Favorite Hero?

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I would give the best weapon in the game for my barb, but right now I don't have any money to buy a weap in RMAH
this is what i can afford for him:
Diabolical dagger
/sad face

serious answer:

2 sockets ~200dex 1300dps 11as manticore for my DH
I would give a Puzzle Ring. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
id give her zunimassas pox, with vit and life
I'd give her the ring of beauty, that has a 30% chance to cast level 3 eroticism on herself.
from one dude to another I'd give my barb an ice box for his Hunk of Salted Meat
I would let my male wizard check out the female sorceress as teleports more than three times and frozen orbs me to death
a blow up doll for my witch doctor.
A horadic Hamburger with extra cheese... MMmmmm.
Skron, with LS and str + marquise gem or an IK eternal reign.... i'm a sad boy...
I would give a max discipline Blade of Prophecy to my beloved DH.

( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blade-of-prophecy )

This one wins by a landslide.

Gotta love irony.
I would give my monk a mempo of twilight with 6% crit chance and the highest stats in every other affix that would benedfit him
A Lacuni. A dead Lacuni.

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