What Gift Would You Give Your Favorite Hero?

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It would be nice to give a hero a string of ears from your fallen enemies during PvP :(
I told my girlfriend I'd be spending Valentine's Day intimately with my D3 hero instead of her. She was fine with it because she doesn't exist.
I would give my Monk a perfectly rolled Witching Hour belt, because she has bewitched my heart ♥♥♥
A coat made from the skins of slain demons. I've got a LOT of material to work with, LOL!
would give my WD a new pair of blackthornes with two sockets, AR and super high int and vit rolls.

and a festive pink shrunken head (WDs like that sort of thing right?)
02/13/2013 10:17 PMPosted by PJmichelle
I told my girlfriend I'd be spending Valentine's Day intimately with my D3 hero instead of her. She was fine with it because she doesn't exist.

I loled
I would go to whimsyshire and pick up one of the presents on the ground there and give it to the female monk. Cute and funny at the same time. The boxes look so nice and pretty but they are always empty, nothing in them.
A shotgun or an automatic rifle. Even a white non-magic shotgun with 20 000 dps would be better than any crossbow. So I will one shot mp10 mobs like a boss.
Diablo's Heart still warm...
imperius's wings, helmet and armor
a big boot to the keester of zoltan kuhle
I would like to brew a potion of love for my wiz sakura that would regenerate 50 arcane power per sec for 1 hour

But since its not in the game i would like to get her a lacuni with cc 4.5 and as 9 and int
It is threads like this that make me feel Blizzard is completely uncool.
The level of g@y here is sickening.
"What Gift Would You Give Your Favorite Hero?"

Easy ... A mega kill ! A massacre of 500 devils & deamons ! !

ha !
A reworked Passive selection for my MONK so I'm not pigeon-holed into OWE, Resolve, and Seize the Initiative. Especially wit hthe new Patch and the boost to Spirit spenders a passive that actually made me BE ABLE to spam them like a BARB HOTA build would be great.

TRUE GIFT: Reworked Passives

Fleet Footed : Add 5 Yds Pickup Radius along with 10% move speed
Exalted Soul : Take away 1 sec regen and change to Critical Strikes have a chance to Regen 1 Spirit
Transcendence : A fixed amount is a joke here, we have been saying it since launch... 62 X40(Bells) = 2.5k Heal Please change to either scale it 2LPSS per level i.e. level 60 = 120X40(Bells) = 4.8k Heal
Or hell rework it so that it goes off % or scales based on our Vit Stat. LPSS Heals you for 1% your Vit. (62[LPSS] X (1000[vit] X 0.01)) X 40(Bells) = 24.8k Heal... WOW a TANK PASSIVE (SEE WHAT I DID THERE)
Chant of Resonance : Add Increased Aura Range by 20 Yds, Change Spirit Regen to RESOURCE REGEN and make it apply to GROUP MEMBERS (ATTRACTIVE PARTY PASSIVE)
Beacon of Ytar : Additionally there is a small %chance that cooldowns will be instantly reset.
Sixth Sense : Additionally increases %damage of THORNS dealt to enemies that deal damage to you
A perfectly rolled String of Skulls ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/zunimassas-string-of-skulls )
With 14% Spirit Barrage Damage, 10% Crit Chance and Max Mana.. Sadly, I will never ever find it :/
I've been on a work trip and haven't played in a week. I'm sure my toons will just be happy to see me again.
A 1400 dps 1os cd weapon.

I hardly ever found 1k dps weapons... I always have to trade a whole lot to get the currency to afford stuff around there... but 1200 dps 1h isn't all that sexy ^.^
and I also removed the game sooooo not gonna happen.

sticking around to see how people like the chapel and whatnot.

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