What Gift Would You Give Your Favorite Hero?

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A 1400 dps 1os cd weapon.

I hardly ever found 1k dps weapons... I always have to trade a whole lot to get the currency to afford stuff around there... but 1200 dps 1h isn't all that sexy ^.^
and I also removed the game sooooo not gonna happen.

sticking around to see how people like the chapel and whatnot.

F that game... UNINSTALLED
I'll just play the forums.
I would give them a whole lot of vanishing dye.

I would give them an honest answer to 900 of the questions that plague the forums, instead of this inane drivel.

Blizzard, this is beyond a joke
My wife is a demon hunter so I'd probably give her a top of the line Manticore + Dead Man's Legacy... Or maybe since she started playing a barb I'd get her a better set of Immortal kings... hard to say...
eth cracked sash.

old timers know what i'm talking about
Lol @ page 2 deletion
I'd give my wizzy an Invisibility Cloak.
I'd give my hero the chance to kill Adria before she murders Leah.

I'd also give Tyrael Imperious's immortality and wings.
A nice set of gear with lots of vitality & crit, dyed completely with lovely dye. To show them how critically vital my love is!

Ok that was lame, I admit it.
A Hacked version of diablo 3 which allows you to use Diablo 2 characters in the game with the same items found in diablo 2 and the same skills in diablo 2 and the same story line as diablo 2, So I guess I'd give her diablo 2 with better graphics and automatic gold pick up.
diablo 2
A 1300+ Calamity with 280+ dex and base 2.5 APS and OS (which can't exist currently)

I think this is the type of bow Cupid uses nowadays as traditional 2h bows are too slow for use with the billions of people alive in this world.
02/13/2013 09:14 PMPosted by Imposter
I would give my monk a mempo of twilight with 6% crit chance and the highest stats in every other affix that would benedfit him

this but for dh
I will give some break on my hero and go out with my girlfriend
I would give a max discipline Blade of Prophecy to my beloved DH.

( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blade-of-prophecy )

I like this but you know some of us dream of the day DH's get to use more than just a single handed sword.

For a few minutes I thought I had missed something in the latest patch notes and I ended up being very excited.

Then the truth smacked me in the face. Oh well it wouldn't be valentine's day if I didn't cry at least once...

That being said I would give my DH two Fleshrakes. ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/fleshrake )
I would give my Barbarian an Enigma.

I would give my female Demon Hunter the D.....ead Man's Legacy Legendary Quiver...
I've got a Mind CRUSH on you!

That's all I got. Nobody will get it though.
vanishing dye for my DH's undies
Perhaps the option to play solo? A private game option, so even the people on your friends list may not join. Better yet, how about an identify ALL button? List goes on. :)

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