What's the best site to read MMORPG review ?

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*grin* request some reference please. A good site that provide well written review is quite hard to find these days, I dislike video review, most of the reviewer seems trying too hard to be funny.
here's mine...

if you care to read it...

here's the most recent one

i've reviewed other ones.. i do video and text and picture ... well video 0 commentary, because i try to demo gameplay footage without any influence.
mind you i'm only allowed to write about MMO/online client-based type ones on this site, or other ones like singleplayer games but they won't be really recognized because its the wrong genre

as for a best site to read, i wouldnt say there is any.
mmorpg.com ?
mmorpg.com is a good site.

I used to go there a lot but there's a lot of bickering, mainly from the pro sandbox and anti Blizzard communities. The official reviews are actually pretty weak there though. I would never use their official reviews but you may find value in some of the more fair player reviews.
I just go to mid-tier game sites like Massively and Rock Paper Shotgun or blogs like "Keen and Graev" and Quarter to Three. Actually, most times those sites don't give reviews, but they give a lot of honest opinions. Combine that with some Let's Plays on Youtube, and I can get all the information I need. Of course, I will also look up the game mechanics to see if they sound interesting in the first place.

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