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02/16/2013 02:03 AMPosted by PoliScikosis
no one uses white items

Wrong, in fact many people enjoy picking them up. I have quite a nice set, in fact
I have been using them in hardcore on early levels. If you play self found only they can be pretty good up to level 15 or so. After that sockets and more affixes start to appear on gear more often so it's very rare for them to be better than a magic item.

There is supposedly a few other self found player out there and I think they probably use them early on too. Just ignore them if you don't use them, its not so hard. Plenty of people out there ignore most rares later on in the game. If they can do that you can ignore the useless whites too.
02/16/2013 11:06 AMPosted by Koric
no one uses white items

Wrong, in fact many people enjoy picking them up. I have quite a nice set, in fact

great!.... so lets keep HORRIBLE code in the game for the .023% that want to be "collectors"

/sarcasm off
People have been asking for a filter option since the release. They said they wanted them in for the "Loot Explosion" effect. Personally I think I could do without them, but after this long with no option I would doubt they're going to add it.
They could increase the gold sell value of white armors. I recall the days of picking those up in D2 just to have potion or repair money.
they should just make whites salvage into a new mat that is required by these new BiS armors lol

that would be a good sink for them heh
02/16/2013 02:11 PMPosted by TopStock
OR..... an acceptable compromise Blizzard.... would be to allow pots/books/and gems to be auto looted like gold.....

botter.. should be banned for this thought crime

please tell me you are being sarcastic....
lets get some more feedback
+1 they have no purpose except to be accidently picked up to waste space in the inventory. WHy?!?!
You can get rid of grey items, but not white items. There has to be a lowest level item that is useless. Even blues can be disenchanted into something more useful than the gold they sell for.

Sorry, I don't understand this logic. Why is a lowest level item that is useless necessary ? *shrug* in fact, i think in itself it's contradictory to say something that is useless is necessary.

Lets face it, white and gray are waste of resource and bandwidth. Not to mention mental annoyance.

BTW, OP lets focus on the issue of white and gray. Autoloot book/potion whatever are different issue, I dont see it in anyway related to the uselessness of white and gray.
more feedback is needed..... cmon guys
Or they can stop being lazy and actually make a use out of them
hoping for some sort of use in the expansion. if that doesn't happen, i'll agree they need to go
I agree that white and grey items are completely useless as they stand now but I would not say get rid of them completely. It would be better to have them as an aspect of crafting - Like have crafting require a plain version of the item you want to "Imbue."
Grey/White items are potential blue/gold/leg/set items. Get that MF up.
+1 too,

Gray and white are pretty much useless, even at lowest most people can survive with blue. *shrug* lets go a bit further, remove blue from inferno as well. Let the drop only Gold, rare and legendary. Those gray, white and blue drop actually clutter the screen and provide nothing but annoyance.

Blues on inferno turn into essences and the essences sell quite well on the AH. So I would keep blues if I were you.

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