1.0.7 BUG..!!! Attention guys.. Share Loot

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Just discover a bug in 107 update, hopefully Blizzard gets this and fix the problems quick..!!

I was just playing with my 3 friends (Party of 4) in MP6. Let's say I'm player A, my friends are player B, C, and D. As usual a legendary item drops the 1st time, I was excited and wanted to grab it but my friend player B took it, and I was like "Hey, that was my drop, it was a Wizard Hat (though it was crap), and then the 2nd drop, 3rd drop, until I said to my friend to do a little experiment, if he sees the 4th legendary drops, i will tell you what it is but i don't want you to take it, i will take it instead to proof a theory that Player A and B are sharing a loot, in fact it is true, Player A and B is sharing legendary drops, player C and D are sharing drops.

Is this a bug or Blizzard is intentionally trying to make their players fight to get a better legendary drop between players? Pardon my English if it sucks.. I think you guys get the message.
What...what the hell did I just read. Even if I told you that your friends are trolling you and you're just completely oblivious, you'd still wouldn't get it.

Thanks for the laugh.

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