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ok i just bought my computer about 6 months ago and now i cant play D3 or WoW because my video card is obsolete! I cant upgrade it because it a MxM type card however my older computer that has an Intel 2000 I am replacing that with a GeForce 610 Galaxy, just want to know how long will that work or if it will work didnt see it in the list of compatable video cards if anyone can give me a heads up on that I would really appreciate that.
Hi Titahnia!

Can you list down your current specs here, and add how much of a budget you're willing to spend for the new video card.
well on my aio my processors is an e2-1800 apu with radeon hd graphics and my display adapters is a amd radion hd 7399 series graphics my budget is around 100 to 150 but i dont know if i i am going to have to have to get a new mother board for my aio since it is an intergrated video card.
Unfortunately, upgrading an AIO is often very difficult due to its very compact design. Very much like the notebook or laptop, the only parts that are easily upgradable for the AIO are the hard disk and the memory.

If you want to seriously consider gaming, I suggest getting a desktop PC.
for grins..
what is an AIO? all in one?
and why do you mean obsolete, as in---it won't display anything ? or it is just slower now due to new graphics engines..

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