An idea for hardcore farmers who hate BOA

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I get it. You spend hundred of hours farming for items that you can't sell on the auction house because noobs like me are crafting items for cheaper than you want to sell them. Talk about horrible. People no longer being forced to buy your gears from the auction house is basically Blizzard telling you they don't want you playing their game.

You put a lot of work into something, and you can't sell it or even trade it!

How about taking up a hobby with more tangible results - you know, to stick it to Blizzard!

You could learn a new language, take some night classes, or even take up real life farming! Since the gameplay itself is not why you play the game, perhaps opening a shop and bartering for goods on a street corner nearby will fill that void Bind on Account crafting has torn from your heart.

Just some suggestions! If you have any others, feel free to share. Its always good to look for positive, productive things to do in the face of the horror and adversity that is Bind on Account.

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