Social systems in D3

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In the past months of playing Diablo 3 I have noticed that it needs to have more than just a friends list with a quick join button. Players need to be able to associate and communicate by creating their own networks within the game. A Guild or Clan system with a chat interface would be a start. Allowing a message board for guild information or in house trades to other guild members could also make for a more rich and happy community. Having a system to relay information in game could help us all. I would love to hear the thoughts of the community on how they would feel about systems put in place to join people together. Diablo 3 is a cooperative game that has yet to get the support of coop play from the developers. Do you think patching in systems to make coop better would bring people back to the game? I know that when I started playing Blizzard games it was to keep in touch with friends in distant places. I have to thank them for this. May they continue to make the social systems better.


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