FPS Dips and Stutters at Rakkis Crossing

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So Diablo3 runs great on my system, nearly constant 60FPS even with all the settings maxed. Until I get to Rakkis Crossing that is. About a third of the way through this section my performance drops pretty dramatically, then jumps back to normal as I near the end of the zone.

This isn't exactly game breaking since I know it'll be fine again as soon as I make it through the zone. It's just somewhat irritating to see these consistent performance drops during this one zone.

I noticed that in the Current Diablo III Performance Issues thread it mentions Disk Loading Stutters as something that's being worked on. Is this the cause of my issues? The post is about 10 months old and I haven't found any more recent updates regarding this issue.

Anyone have any fixes for this issue? Can we get an update on the Disk Loading Stutters and any progress that has been/will be made? Thanks in advance for any replies.
I am experiencing the same issue. Game runs fine everywhere but at this certain spot. Pretty sure it's not hdd access though.
Same issue.
Yeah, I always had 60fps until 1.07 was released.

However, I also installed ATI/AMD's 13.1 catalyst around the same time. It could be my video driver, or it could be the patch.

Now, I get these weird framerate dipouts that only correct when alt-tabbing to desktop then back to game, so it's nothing to do with whats on the screen.

I'm not noticing any problems in other games, Battlefield 3 and World Of Warcraft run fine.
I had the same problem until today. I was telling my friends I didn't want to do Rakki's because my computer couldn't handle it, someone in my party told me to lower my Sound Settings. I lowered it from 32-bit (Lower) to 16-bit (Lowest) and I haven't had any problems at Rakki's since.

This may help you too.

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